As I sit on our back porch on the most perfect summer evening a girl could ask for, it’s hard not to think about everything that has happened over the past month…everything that has changed – but too, everything that hasn’t changed.

I am his wife.  He is my husband.  We share a bank account, a house, and several late night talks about nothing overly important.  We get mail that has both of our names and I share the same health insurance as him.  We’ve painted a room, bought new curtains, and indulged in our first big husband-wife purchase: a washer and dryer.

Those are the things that have changed – but what hasn’t changed is what amazes me the most.

Kindiebelle, Raikkon, and Naraku are still the lights of our life.  We still enjoy date night and we still work out several nights a week.  I cook dinner during the week – and still sometimes catch some slack for my “cooking”.  He’s still and engineer and I’m still trying to get by at my parents store.

When I try to put into words how I feel after being married, I can’t.  I stumble.  He’s my best friend.  He’s everything I imagined and more.  He keeps me grounded, but lets me dream big.

I can’t wait to see where these next years take us.  I can’t wait to see the gorgeous children we make and the beautiful home we move into when we’ve realized we’ve run out of room.  I can’t wait to see the new car we get as we start to tote around our kids…and their friends…to soccer…hockey…tennis…cheerleading…  I can’t wait to see the vacations we go on year after year – and the smiles I see on Neil’s face as he sees a new part of the world.  I can’t wait to feel the excitement as we approach our 5th…10th…20th wedding anniversary.

I love Neil with all my heart.  We’ve been through more than most couples have and through it all, we’ve come out on top…conquering every mountain that tried to get in between us.

I loved him then…

Two months after we started dating...

And I love him even more now…

Our wedding day... (courtesy of Fiona MacNeill)

Here’s to our one month anniversary…the 2,592,000 seconds…43,200 minutes…1,800 hours…30 days…that we’ve spent as husband and wife…and here’s to the many, many more in the future.

I love you, Neil.