Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it is true!!  You are reading the (soon-t0-be) famous “engagement journal” of the new Brownsburg West Middle School cheerleading coach!!  I will be in charge of the 7th grade fall and 7th and 8th grade winter squads and I couldn’t be more excited!!

It has been my desire since before I left high school to one day be a cheerleading coach – and now is my chance!!  I was offered the job on Tuesday and accepted on Wednesday!  I still have yet to turn in my paperwork – but I have definitely accepted the position!!

In fact, just last night I judged cheerleading tryouts for the Brownsburg East Middle School and got so excited just seeing what it’s all about!  It’s sure to be a wild ride – but I am totally looking forward to it all!!!

Get excited – I’m gonna be a CHEER COACH!!!! 🙂