Ooooh, Etsy…how I wish I loathed you!!!  If you’re a bride – you know what I mean!!!

Oooh, Etsy…you will make me one broke bride!!!!

Etsy is the most amazing website I have ever perused…  The endless possibilities.  The beauty.  The love.  The gorgeousness that abounds.  It’s disgusting!  And, what makes it worse?!  I don’t have the budget to support an Etsy-obsession!  There is one store in particular that I adore with all my heart…JMG Jewel Design.

::Visit for some seriously amazing inspiration!  She also has a personal blog at

Jessica has created some of the most delightful wedding items for our wedding – and I truly cannot wait to put them all together!!  But she’s not the only one that has taken our wedding from Drab to Fab!  Let’s go through my Etsy Obsession together…

First, it was just an innocent little hanger that I found while perusing a photographer’s blog.  I loved that photo and I wanted one of my own.  So I did some research and bam!  I found it!

Now, really, what bride couldn’t resist?!  It’s perfect for that wedding dress shot and it’s just simply FUN!!  This gorgeous little piece is courtesy of LilaFrances.  She has gotten SO popular that now her hangers are on an 8 to 10 week waiting list!!!  LOVE IT!!

Next purchase from the Etsy machine was something to doll up my hair a bit.  Sure, I’ll have a veil, but I wanted something else to make my hair make its own statement.  That’s when I fell upon this beauty…

This gorgeous piece came from Jessica at JMG Jewel Design.  This first (of many JMG items) really blew me away!!  It is made so well and I know it will last a lifetime!!  I truly cannot wait to hand this down to my daughter (God-willing!)

So, I sat dormant in the Etsy world for a couple months…when I realized WHOA!  Our wedding is coming up and I need to get some details in order!!  Of course, at this point, I also couldn’t decide what shoes to wear!  If you remember – I had THREE to choose from!  Well, I finally decided on shoes and in the process, decided that my chosen little feet covers simply REQUIRED some BeDazzling…


No!!!  Not that kind of BeDazzling!!

So anyway, if you do remember – I had a whole post devoted strictly to shoe clips!!!  Well, here are the winning clips!!!

Aren’t they just precious?!  I absolutely love them!!  And what makes them even better – they match PEARLfectly with my hair clip!  Once again – a HUGE thank you has to go out to JMG Jewel Design and her amazing ability to create the most durable and perfect pieces I’ve seen!!

So I remember a funny story from Mrs. Davis’ wedding day.  We were already at Laurel Hall and we were getting ready – dressing, prepping, etc.  Emily started going through all her stuff when she asked, “Where is my garter?!”  When no one really knew where it was – she simply exclaimed, “Oh well, I can just have Mom stop and get another one at David’s Bridal!”

Well, she found the garter – but then that got me thinking…hey!  I need a garter!!  First, I perused David Bridal’s website to see what they had.  Truthfully, I didn’t want one with the traditional light blue – first of all, it just doesn’t match with our theme – second of all, I didn’t want to do what every bride before me had!  So I turned to the trusty source…Etsy (of course!).

I wanted something that kind of fit with our theme – which is Scotland/Elegance/Pearls/Golf (kind of).  Anyway, I typed in my search and was bombarded with a bajillion hits.  Ey yi yi!  Where to start?!

At the top, of course!

And that is when my eyes fell upon this…

Ahh… Are you kidding me?!  How perfect is it?!  Do you remember my earrings?!  And the pearls.  OH the PEARLS!!!  JLWeddings was so kind as to custom make this garter set for me.  First, it only came with the main garter (top), but of course, I wanted a toss garter, too!!  And – because I didn’t techinically have my “Something Blue”, I had to line the inside with St. Andrews Blue satin (that’s the name Wendy has come up with for our colors – since I despise don’t necessarily care fornavy”!)

(my apologies for the blurry blurry picture!)

So I thought I was done…I really truly did!

But am I ever really done!?  If you know me, you know I’m not! 🙂

So I innocently searched through Etsy.  Looking up and down for something that I could convince myself that I needed for the wedding.  Surely there was something there – something that was missing from our wedding that just couldn’t be missing from our wedding!

And then I remembered – we won’t have our hair and makeup artists with us the entire day – which means I’ll need (read: probably, most likely definitely need) something to carry some touch up equipment in.  Then I talked to Mama Arnold about it and she let me know that during my sister’s wedding, she didn’t even have a couple bucks with her to get gelato while out shooting wedding photos.  Problemo solved!

This perfectly beautiful silk kimono clutch was just what I was looking for!!  The Paulownia shop created it for me and I could not be happier with the result!  It is absolutely perfect and it matches so well with everything! The background is an off-white ivory and the chrysanthemum is a beautiful shimmery gold.

She also custom-made this piece for me to fully fit with our theme!!  Check out the amazing St. Andrews Blue lining…

I know it…I am totally spoiled by these Etsy girls!!!

There are several other items I have purchased from my dear lovelies at Etsy, but for now, they must remain a surprise!  But I know that once they all come together, it will be the most amazing thing I have ever witnessed!!

Now, I can truly say that our wedding will be an Etsy Affair – and I haven’t even started planning for the reception yet…who knows what will come of that!!!  But either way, thank you, Etsy, for being my best friend and worst enemy…all at the same time!!!  I look forward to more time together soon…perhaps tonight?! 😉