Now, this isn’t wedding related, but it’s an amazing story about love seen in God’s creatures that I was able to witness firsthand.


Yesterday, as I was leaving the neighborhood to head to my dad’s store, I saw a terrible sight.  It was a Mama Mallard, but she had evidently been hit by a car.  I absolutely hate to see animals in the road – it tears my heart to pieces – and even just writing this, it brings tears to my eyes.  I said a prayer for the little Mallard and went on my way knowing that now God was in control and He would take care of her.

Then today, as I was enjoying my morning run, I saw the most amazing sight.  Apparently someone had moved the Mama Mallard from the street to avoid further damage and she was now laid to rest in the grass.  But around her were five Papa Mallards.  FIVE.  Two of them were using their beaks to try to wake Mama Mallard and the other three were just pacing – much like you would see a family doing in a hospital while awaiting test results of family member.  It put the biggest smile on my face – and I let them be and continued on my run.

When I was on my way back after hitting the halfway point, I noticed all five Papa Mallards were still there – one was now just sitting next to Mama Mallard, enjoying the morning sunshine.  The other four were still pacing – just waiting for Mama Mallard to wake up.  It was very obvious that every one of those Mallards was grieving – in the same way that we do.  Grieving the loss of a loved one.  Isn’t that amazing?  To see God’s love at work in everyday activities?  I didn’t think it would affect me as much as it has…

…but then I began thinking.  People always talk about how hard their life is.  How they don’t have enough money.  They don’t have a job.  Their car isn’t as nice as they want it to be.  Their house is too small.  But what about the things that matter?  What about the things that God gives us?  We are all capable of loving – we are even capable of loving as much as the Mallards do.  How hard is it to love all the time?  Take time out for your family and friends all the time?  Now just when something tragic has happened or when you have nothing better to do.  I made a promise to myself a few months back that if I were to ever drive by my parents store and either of their cars were there, I was going to stop in and say hi.  There is nothing else going on in my life that is so urgent that I can’t take ten minutes to stop in.  Nothing.  That is one way that I hope to show God’s love work through me.  What will you do?