No, I’m not talking about horses – although, did you see that muddy mess of a race on Saturday?!  I’ll just say this – I was peeking through my fingers to watch, I was so afraid a horse was going down…but they didn’t and once again Calvin Borel and his silly little voice took the race by storm.  His enthusiasm excites me!


But enough about the Kentucky Derby…I’m really talking about INVITATIONS!!!  

Yes, ma’am!  They. Are. Off.  Gone. Adios. Auf Wiedersehen. Arrivederci. Au revoir. (Okay, that’s all the different languages I can think of…)Can you believe it?!  After all the ridiculous work that went into it, they are finally on their way to the little hands of our guests!  I can’t wait to start getting responses back!!  

So now that they are off and will be slowly arriving at their final destination, I am happy to present all our hard work (our = Emily and I…and Neil, he did lick the envelopes…all the envelopes, after all!  In fact, I could probably add a little bit of Dana and Eric in there, too, it was a group effort!)These little beasts did not present a simple DIY task.  In fact, just today, Mom asked me why I decided to DIY the invitations to begin with.  And the truth is…cost!  I found some invitations I absolutely loved.  L.O.V.E. LOVED.  But they started at $9.00 an invite (Hey! No one said I didn’t have expensive taste!!!)  First, it began with me getting an idea in my head.  Then I went to Michael’s and Hobby Lobby and started pulling paper together off the shelves until I had what I wanted.  Then I went home and started to experiment.  Let me tell you, the first draft was definitely that…a draft.  It was awful!!  Of course, it didn’t help that I used double-sided tape to keep things down.  I also hadn’t found out about the amazingness of the bone folder, either – it’s amazing the difference it makes!!  Then there was the second draft.  This time, I solicited the help of Mrs. Davis and off to Hobby Lobby and Michael’s we went.  Then and only then did I realize that I didn’t have to get my paper at Hobby Lobby or Michael’s – but that I could get it online.  WHO KNEW!?  So I ordered some samples and my fiance and I sat down to see which ones we liked.  We ordered so many samples it wasn’t even funny!  I have a stack of about 30 samples!!!  Then my first order was placed.  And in a few short days, the perfect paper was in my hands!!  And finally, wedding invitation creation could commence.  Even after ordering the supplies, the invitation still changed several times.  But we finally settled on what would be perfect and we began to put them together!  

Was it an easy process?  Definitely not.  Was it a fun process?  At times – but mostly no.  Was it worth it?  150% YES!  I absolutely love the end result – and now I just have to make sure I keep up with that height of DIY-talent with the rest of the wedding. 

Most of the supplies…ready to go.  I have to admit – there were about 15 Invitation Creation Extravaganza days!!!  This is just one of many…  

Piles upon piles upon piles…there were so many piles I couldn’t even keep them straight at times!!  

Mrs. Davis and her lifesaving “dots”.  I cannot tell you how simple they are to use!!  If you’re beginning a wedding DIY project – INVEST!!  Although, I will say they presented an issue…we ran out of them about 72 times!!!  Grr!!  

The whole invitation suite!!!  (Minus the belly band…)  I love them!!!  And I feel so accomplished to know that we completely designed them 100% on our own!!  And just FYI: the three cards around the invitation went into a pocket on the back of the blue card! 🙂  So creative!  

Me with a sigh of relief…ONE DOWN, a billion to go!!!!  

I am so happy that HUGE DIY nightmare project is over with!!!  It’s such a daunting task, but I will admit it was worth it!!(Unless noted, pictures are courtesy of ME!! and Emily, of course!)