For weeks now, I have been worried that our true vision for the big day wasn’t quite making its way over the great wide ocean to Scotland.  I have absolutely no doubt that Miss Wendy will create the most beautiful and amazing wedding I ever imagined, but I am still worried that what is in my head and what is at our venue won’t quite match up.  What makes this worse?  I can’t be there until the week before, which means I can’t show them exactly what we want.  Sure, I can describe it to the best of  my ability, but it’s hard because I am just so gosh darn picky!!!  I have searched high and low for the exact picture to depict what we’re wanting, but guess what?  The exact picture doesn’t exist – imagine that!  I can’t lie, several times, I was tempted to do this exact same thing…


But, I resisted (I am trying to grow out my hair, you know!) and instead just continued to use pictures and my very best of visual imagery sans perfection.

But lo and behold…Emily had a tremendous idea.  Instead of trying my darnedest to describe the perfect wedding using every descriptive word on the planet, maybe I should draw a picture.

Well, I’d be lying if I said I’d never do that!!!  It was brilliant!!!

So last night, when I arrived home from school, I got out my crayons (yes, crayons!), a pencil, some pictures of inspiration, and a blank sheet of paper.  I sketched some ideas and pulled some inspiration from pictures and created what I thought was the perfect wedding ever (even if it was in my non-artistic style!).  I scanned it onto my computer and I sent it away – not only to Wendy, but to Lorna, too, our florist.  I felt it was important that they both know what I was wanting for the wedding!!

Yes, that is my dream wedding!!! 🙂  Can you imagine?!  Oh, I’m such a terrible artist!!  Anyway – Wendy was right on track and agreed that it helped out!  Lorna on the other hand…haven’t heard back from her.  I’m sure she’s still wailing in tears from laughter!!!

Anyway, I thought it was a decent depiction of what I wanted and my intention is that it will assist those lovely ladies in making my dream a reality!!  We shall see…