…at the end of the tunnel!!!

It’s official – I received the results to my national teachers exams – aka Praxis II – and I have passed with flying colors!!!  In the words of my dad: “I can’t believe you passed the test the first time you took the test!”  Thanks, Dad…you’re so sincere!!  But also in the words of my dad (personally, the greatest words ever): “YOU ARE EMPLOYABLE”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yes, you read that correct – I. AM. EMPLOYABLE.

There are only 32 days until graduation – but what makes that even cooler?!  When I open up my calendar in Windows Live, I CAN SEE GRADUATION AT THE BOTTOM OF THE CALENDAR (because it’s creeping into May)!!  Hoooooray! 🙂  And aside from only 32 days until graduation – there are only 17 days until I’m done student teaching.  Then I’m wrapping up my thesis and I’m finito!!!  Can you believe it?!

I am the happiest girl on earth right now.

P.S. 64 days, 12 hours, 40 minutes, and 27 seconds!!!  That’s ALMOST two months!!!!!!!! 🙂