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Wow – we’re really starting to creep up on this big thing they call a wedding!  Phew…I was starting to think it was  never going to come…

…but alas, it is, and now we’re getting down to the nitty-gritty details.  Which puts us in a bit of a hairy situation.

Lovely sister – aka Grande Dame of Honour – informed me several  months ago that she would be wearing her hair down…whether that meant half-up/half-down or completely down, I have no idea.  Either way, I have attempted to compile some photographs of hair that I personally enjoy.

I want her to feel beautiful – and I want her to love her hair just as much as she loves me!! 🙂  I don’t want to be the crabby bride that says, “Here.  This is how your hair will look for my wedding.  Deal with it.”  I let her choose her dress style (of course, color was kind of a given) and I let her choose her shoes.  I *kind of* let her chose her jewelry – or I at least asked her input.  Since I only have one bridesmaid, it’s easy to kind of let those decisions become hers!  Heck, if nothing else, it’s less stress on me!!

Anyway, I’m secretly devising a plan that has to do with hair and therefore, I need an idea of what her hair is going to look like!  Just an idea…not a definite decision.  I want my sister to be happy.  After all, it is my wedding day and if someone isn’t happy on my wedding day, well, it won’t make for much of a happy event!  And I definitely want it to be a happy event!!!

So here’s my plan…cleverly and nonchalantly place these photos on this journal for her perusal.  She can give  me her opinion and perhaps create a collaboration of my ideas and hers and we can come to a conclusion!!!  Then, we’ll  have a winner and my *secret* can be completed!!! 🙂

So, let’s vote…

***Let me update this to say that Sister has decided she’s wearing her hair like she did for her own wedding – only problem…she can’t find any pictures of the back of her hair because of her veil.  This is what my gorgeous sister looked like on her wedding day…

I really could not tell you who to give credit to on these photos!!!  My apologies!

So, there – my sister was gorgeous and so was her hair!  Well, that got me to thinking…if we can’t find any picture of the back of her hair, what happens if her hair doesn’t turn out perfect come June 10th?!  So here’s my attempt to be of any assistance at all…

all photos courtesy of

The unfortunate thing is that I have looked high and low – I have looked at photographers blogs – I have searched WeddingBee – and I just can’t seem to find any pictures that would be much help!!  I do really adore #1, though, I think it’s very simple and perfect!! 🙂  If nothing else, I hope this at least helps a bit!!


So planning a wedding is hard work.  You all agree, correct?  Well would you like to know what is even harder work?!  Planning a honeymoon that is sure to make us smile.  That, my friends, is where I have had the most troubles.

…now that looks like a spectacular honeymoon!!!

Why?  Well, first – my beloved groom has never been out of the country.  Because I have been out of the country a various number of times, I really want to make this special – for both of us.  I want him to remember it as a truly exhilarating experience!  Second, I want him to want to travel more.  We made an agreement a few years ago: if when we get married, he decides he likes traveling, we will travel the first five to seven or so years of our marriage – if not, then we’ll maybe start trying to have children 2 or 3 years after being married.  Needless to say – I want to wait before we have kids…I want to travel!!  I want to show Neil the world.  I want him to love other cultures like I do.

So there you have it…my reasons for wanting this honeymoon to be beyond *spectacular*!!!  Well, it’s not easy to do when a) you’ve never been to the places you’re going, and b) you really have little help from your groom.

So last week, when I opened the mailbox, something lurked that I wasn’t really expecting.  Okay, so I was kind of expecting it, but surely not that quickly!  You see, a couple of weeks ago, Neil and I briefly talked about what we wanted to do while in London.  We’re spending four days there and we wanted to definitely have a great time!  It’s also a ridiculously large place and there is so much to do!!  Needless to say, I know we’re going to miss something – but if we had something that would help us to stay on track and see as much as we could – without breaking the bank – then we’d be golden!!

Enter Royal Mail…

Yes…do you see that sticker?!  It says Royal Mail – which means it must be something special.  It came Air Mail and someone packaged it with *love* just for us!!!! (Well, I like to think they packaged it with love!!!)  What’s inside this lovely Royal piece of mail?!  Glad you asked…

Enter London Lifesaver…

This is the London Pass.  It will get us free admission to several attractions in London.  It’s so incredibly awesome…just look at what we get for a measly price:

Free Admission To…

  • Chelsea FC Stadium Tour
  • City Cruises
  • Eton College
  • Guards Museum
  • Kensington Palace and The Orangery
  • HMS Belfast
  • London Bridge and London Tombs
  • London Zoo
  • Royal Albert Hall
  • Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre
  • St. Paul’s Cathedral
  • Wellington Arch
  • Wimbledon Tour Experience
  • Windsor Castle

And that’s just a small sampling!!!  Of course, we won’t be able to do it all – but we’ll definitely do some of the things that really interest us!!!  We’ll have four packed days of entertainment – that’s for sure!!!

With the London Pass, we also get discounted dinners at some spectacular London hot spots and look what else it came with…

With our passes that give us “jump the queue” privileges – we also had the opportunity to purchase underground travelcards for the three days that our pass is good.  We get unlimited use of the travelcards on those three days – which will save us major headaches!!!

Can I just explain to you how excited I am to be going to London in just a few short weeks?!  Of course, Paris is another story – I think we’re just going to be “wingin’ it” when we get there!!!!

For weeks now, I have been worried that our true vision for the big day wasn’t quite making its way over the great wide ocean to Scotland.  I have absolutely no doubt that Miss Wendy will create the most beautiful and amazing wedding I ever imagined, but I am still worried that what is in my head and what is at our venue won’t quite match up.  What makes this worse?  I can’t be there until the week before, which means I can’t show them exactly what we want.  Sure, I can describe it to the best of  my ability, but it’s hard because I am just so gosh darn picky!!!  I have searched high and low for the exact picture to depict what we’re wanting, but guess what?  The exact picture doesn’t exist – imagine that!  I can’t lie, several times, I was tempted to do this exact same thing…


But, I resisted (I am trying to grow out my hair, you know!) and instead just continued to use pictures and my very best of visual imagery sans perfection.

But lo and behold…Emily had a tremendous idea.  Instead of trying my darnedest to describe the perfect wedding using every descriptive word on the planet, maybe I should draw a picture.

Well, I’d be lying if I said I’d never do that!!!  It was brilliant!!!

So last night, when I arrived home from school, I got out my crayons (yes, crayons!), a pencil, some pictures of inspiration, and a blank sheet of paper.  I sketched some ideas and pulled some inspiration from pictures and created what I thought was the perfect wedding ever (even if it was in my non-artistic style!).  I scanned it onto my computer and I sent it away – not only to Wendy, but to Lorna, too, our florist.  I felt it was important that they both know what I was wanting for the wedding!!

Yes, that is my dream wedding!!! 🙂  Can you imagine?!  Oh, I’m such a terrible artist!!  Anyway – Wendy was right on track and agreed that it helped out!  Lorna on the other hand…haven’t heard back from her.  I’m sure she’s still wailing in tears from laughter!!!

Anyway, I thought it was a decent depiction of what I wanted and my intention is that it will assist those lovely ladies in making my dream a reality!!  We shall see…

I’m well aware that I say this every time, but I truly cannot believe that we are at the two-month mark!  To think, we started with EIGHTEEN months…the way time flies is beyond me!

I have been entirely too consumed in wedding and I literally cannot sleep at night because there are just a million things going through my head – like invitations…programs…welcome cards…attendant gifts…kilts…ah!!  The madness literally doesn’t stop.  And to make matters worse, I decided to take a trip through my previous posts….just to make sure I wasn’t missing anything!  ::UGH::  As if worrying about what I can remember isn’t bad enough – try adding on everything else I said I wanted to do, but forgot about!!

And don’t even get me started on the Old Course Hotel.  Since beginning planning in December 2008, the Old Course Hotel has had at least three wedding coordinators.  Not to mention that they are owned by an American company and nothing can be changed until it has the good ol’ American Stamp-of-Approval!  Which leads me to my first gripe – we still don’t have a wedding menu planned.  Umm…pretty sure that was due to happen about six months ago!  And I’m sure Wendy is just thrilled with me because I remind her of it literally on a daily basis.  (Sorry!!)

Then there’s the music.  Paul is going to be our DJ in Scotland and I’ve been sending him music for the past couple months…thus enter problem: I’ve sent him about 4 songs total.  FAIL.  I. Need. HELP!

And invitations….oooooh invitations.  Whenever I said I was DIY-ing my invites, why didn’t anyone slap the back of my head and bring me back to reality?!  Sure – these cost less (and in my opinion are way cooler than anything we could have bought), but seriously?!  Six months spent putting together invites is a bit overkill, eh?!  <—I totally know it’s Canadian…but I’ve been reading it a lot in my Harry Potter books – so perhaps it’s English, too, eh?! 🙂

I’ve made myself a list of things that need to be done before the wedding and the list just seems to be growing out of control…not to mention it’s a beautiful afternoon and I’m stuck inside because I can’t use our deck (recently stained…grr!!)

Okay, enough venting…onto the checklist for this month!!

  • Grooms, if you’re renting a tux, visit the formalwear shop to get measured.
    • I know I promised to have this done last month, but sorry!  I sent out all the information to our kilt-wearers and found out just last weekend that our chosen kilt supplier only accepts UK credit cards.  Now, I’m just waiting to get measurements from everyone so I can send it on to Miss Wendy.  Struggles.
  • Brides: Confirm delivery date of your wedding dress and schedule first fitting.
    • Dress delivered: CHECK!  First fitting scheduled: KIND OF CHECK!  We know where we’re going to get alterations, just haven’t made the arrangements.  I obviously want Mom with me, so I have to check with her schedule – likely it’ll be after I am finished student teaching (YAY!) which is in like 2 weeks!
  • Arrange for all insurance policies to include you and your future spouse: health, auto, homeowner’s, and life insurance.
    • I don’t really know how to go about doing this, but I’m sure we’ll get it figured out!!  I’ll go ahead and check this one off for the time being.
  • Brides: Provide a guest list to your bridesmaids for the bridal shower.
    • I could have sworn I had already checked this off, but maybe not…anyway, bridal shower was a success (I know, I still need to update you on it!!  Sorry!!  Just waiting for Mom’s camera!) and therefore, I’d say we can check this off!
  • Order enough liquor, wine and/or champagne to stock the reception bar (if it’s not included in the catering contract).
    • Well, drinks in Scotland will just be cash or on account and as far as the reception here, sorry – it won’t be making an appearance!
  • Arrange wedding transportation for you, your wedding party, and guests (as needed).
    • CHECK!!  Guests will be walking (since St. Andrews is all of about 5 miles big!) and my Dad, Mom, sister, and I will be toting around in this:


  • At three months out, send your wedding invitations.
    • I’ve been working tirelessly on these invitation and they will be out before the three-month mark of our wedding reception.  They’re just not quite ready yet!!
  • Start writing the ceremony program if you’re having one.
    • Just started the research for this yesterday and it’ll be pretty simple to create since we already have our ceremony in place.  I’ll consider this a check!
  • Make parking arrangements for the reception.
    • No need!  We’ll be walking everywhere and our reception in Indy already has a parking lot!! Perfecto!
  • Begin working on your ceremony vows, especially if you’ll be writing your own.
    • Well, we won’t be writing our own, but we have already finished our vows!  There’s just something romantic about the same vows that have been read time and time again by countless numbers of couples.  I think we’ll stick with that!
  • Brides: Decide on and purchase your wedding veil and wedding shoes prior to your final dress fittings.
    • Check! and Check!  Both are finished (if you remember the veil fiasco!) and I have finally decided on a pair of shoes (because every bride needs THREE, right?!)
  • As you receive wedding gifts, be sure to update your online registries and record the gifts you get.
    • Bed Bath and Beyond has already called us to let us know we should add more to our registry since so much has already been purchased, but we declined the offer.  There is still plenty there, and besides – your presence is our present!!  But Thank-Yous have been sent for those gifts we have received – so we’re good in that department!
  • Make a plan for the kids at your reception.
    • Haven’t really decided about this yet, but we’ll likely just do some coloring books, etc.  Besides, all the weddings I have ever been to, the kids love to dance and they ignore the kids table altogether!  Sure, I’ll have something planned for the shy ones, but it’s not causing me to lose sleep at night!
  • Submit your newspaper wedding announcement.
    • Seems a little odd to me, but oh well!  We will announce our marriage – but we’ll wait until we’re actually married!!
  • Brides: Have your first wedding dress fitting.
    • Hopefully before the end of this month, I will have completed this!!!  Hopefully!!
  • Research local marriage license requirements.
    • Ugh!  I know all too well about “marriage license requirements”.  Don’t get me started!!!
  • Confirm hotel reservations for out-of-town guests.
    • Since we’re all out-of-town, I guess I should make sure everything’s in order!!!  But, because we’re all big kids, I trust that everyone got the reservations they needed to!  Besides, if they have questions, they’ve definitely not been too shy to ask!
  • Set aside a time to write thank you notes after the bridal shower.
    • Checkity-check-check!!  It only took me forever, but I got it done!!
  • Grooms: Attend your bachelor party.
    • Eh…well…we’ll see about this.  As far as I’m concerned, there isn’t even one in the works right now!!!  Unless of course he’s just considering golf at the Castle Course his bachelor party?!
  • Make a hair trial appointment to make sure you get the look you want on your wedding day.
    • Something I learned from Emily…hair trials are immensely important!!  Good news!  I already have mine booked!! Phew!
  • Finalize your ceremony vows.
    • Thought we touched on this?!  CHECK!
  • Brides: Purchase gifts for your maid of honor.
    • …or in my case, Grande Dame of Honour!!  Yes, gifts have been purchased – and I hope she’s as thrilled to receive them as I am to give them to her!!!
  • Grooms: Purchase gifts or your best man.
    • Okay, so he’s not as efficient as I am!!  Oh well!  I’ll get him on it…eventually!
  • Brides: Attend final wedding gown fitting.
    • I’ll get to it – I’ll get to it!! Give me a minute!!

So there you have it – two months to go and the list just keeps getting longer!!! Eek!!  I can truly say that I am scared out of my mind that everything won’t get done!!

But on a positive note…honeymoon details are being more finalized!!  We have our hotels and trains booked and today we even booked our London Pass which will give us free access to some of the most amazing attractions in London!!  We’re already planning out our week!! Hip-hip-HOORAY!!!

Wow!  I can’t believe it’s been more than a month since I’ve filled you in on a Scottish wedding tradition…and what’s worse?!  I’m going to run out of weeks before I can complete all the traditions!! Hmmf…towards the end, we might be looking at a Tradition Tuesday and Thursday!  Sorry!!

But this tradition is fun – and definitely something I’ll be keeping up with!  I’m truly going to have to get myself a notebook of all these traditions so I remember to do them!!

A Sixpence in the Bride’s Shoe… (adopted from

Traditionally, a small silver coin, called a sixpence, was placed in the bride’s shoe for good luck.  As sixpences no longer exist, this has been replaced by a penny or any modern “silver type” coin.


Above is the traditional sixpence – maybe I’ll try to search one out, if not, I’ll definitely be finding another coin – perhaps someone ::hint hint:: can drop a hint and Neil will hand me a coin the night before the wedding?!  How precious would that be?  I’d love it! 🙂

So let’s recap the traditions I am definitely going to follow (this is really more for me than you, but you can enjoy anyway!!)…

A Scottish Blessing

A thousand welcomes to you with your marriage. May you be healthy all your days. May you be blessed with long life and peace, may you grow old with goodness, and with riches.