So, she’s been begging me for months to allow her to “guest post” on my journal.  And I’ve always told her that was fine – Lord knows I need the help – but she never followed through…until tonight.  So, friends, I bring you the most heartfelt and loving post to date on this journal…from the one who will always be my “best friend”.

I love you, Emily…you are truly the best friend a girl could ask for.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

For weeks now, I’ve been asking – no, begging! – Amanda for an update on everything wedding. Just this Monday, I sent Amanda a text message asking what she was up to – knowing she’s currently on Spring Break. Her response back was, “Invitations!” I “kindly” informed her invitations were worthy of an update! I know she’s been working extremely hard – both with the wedding AND, (almost) more importantly, her MAT program. So, I thought I’d help out with a “guest post”.

I won’t take up your time writing the itty-bitty updates she’s putting together for the wedding, but instead – I want to leave a message for the one person who “refuses” to read this Blog.

From Someone’s Wife, to another’s Soon-to-Be Husband:


Being listed as an Emergency Contact brings you and I closer than we’d normally admit.  I’ve watched your relationship with Amanda grow – from coming to week-night softball practices, taking Amanda to fancy proms, trips to Knoxville and back, Friday night Date Nights, to THE Holiday Surprise . In just two short months, you will hold the hand of a woman who is truly remarkable. And, if it wasn’t for you – she wouldn’t be who she is today.

I remember our sophomore year in college, you sending me an instant message explaining how important she is to you. How you couldn’t picture a day without her. That she was worth fighting for.

I’ve wanted to share this with you for months, and was waiting until we traveled to Scotland. Unfortunately, life happened – and Scotland isn’t a destination I’ll be traveling to this summer. I cried for days, before telling the two of you I couldn’t be there. Please know that I refuse to turn away from the most important day of your life. You were there, standing not only by Eric, but for me – and I’m forever thankful for our friendship.

Leading up to our wedding, Eric and I kept expecting the world to freeze. We kept expecting the tough questions to be answered, and for something to “change”. Life changed – and, trust me, hearing “Husband and Wife” is pretty cool – but something always remains the same. Our marriage is only a few months old, but if I could share anything with you, it’s this:

Hold her. – Amanda plays a million roles every day. She’s a daughter, a mother, a friend and acquaintance, a teacher and a follower. Every piece of her represents something significant in her life, and when she’s not held close pieces start to fall out of place. Hold onto her tight. When the world starts to unscramble, she’ll need you.

Ask her questions. – Talk to her about her dreams, about her afternoon, about her day. Ask her what’s on her mind, where she wants to travel, what she wants to eat for dinner. Ask her every personal question possible. Stay up late and sleep in, and more importantly, listen to her answers. Asking questions will let her know you haven’t forgotten how important she is, and how you’ll do anything to make her happy.

Take adventures. – Skip town. Do things you wouldn’t normally do. Switch it up, and color outside the lines. One of the best parts about being married, it’s being able to say the phrase, “My husband loves to…” (Or, in your case, “My wife loves to…”!), and completing it with something you normally roll your eyes to. Each adventure gives you an opportunity to watch her laugh and fall in love all over again – which is the most important part.


Embrace her imperfections. – My Dad once told me, “Our imperfections make us perfect” and I couldn’t agree more. Every line that’s out of place has a memory. You and Amanda define the word “balance”. Without differences, you couldn’t meet in the middle.

I couldn’t be more excited to watch the next two months unfold. Please know that I consider our friendship a gift. On June 10th – the place in her heart labeled “Best Friend” will no longer hold my name, but yours. And, I couldn’t imagine anyone in this world better for that spot than you.



(P.S. Who would have thought, in the time it took me to send this to Amanda – she’d have TWO updates! That’s more like it…)