Traditional Grand March at the Reception… (adopted from WorldWedding and

Following the ceremony the bride and groom and all their honored guests head to a private home or to a restaurant for a lavish reception feast.  At the typical Scottish reception you can count on the bride and groom being “piped” to the table of honor, where the bride will cut the first slice of wedding cake using a dirk (a long-bladed knife) that is provided to her by the piper.  As the bride slices the first piece of wedding cake, custom dictates that her hand is guided by the hand of her new husband.  Another take on this tradition says that this is where the bride and groom are piped in to the top table at the wedding reception.  They are followed by the maid of honour and best man, both sets of parents, and finally all the other guests.

So, this is very traditional to what we do here in the States, but the “dirk” is something different (we definitely want one of those!!!)  But either way, we’ll  have our piper pipe us into the reception and then we’ll sit down for dinner!!!  I love the idea of having our piper with us almost all day.  Unfortunately, we won’t be as fortunate back here for the home reception. 😦  But maybe I can find some good pipe music that our DJ can play during dinner!!

Don’t you just love the idea of that big “sword”?!