Well, Wedding Invitation Extravaganza 2010 went off with a bang!  So much was accomplished and I have to thank Emily and Dana for their dedicated hard work!!

It started off with a million supplies strewn across the kitchen table.  At that point, I was pretty sure nothing was going to get done!!!  There were so many things to do!!  Eek!!  But after a little organization, it started to settle down.  I was in charge of cutting and hole-punching and Emily was in charge of assembling and gluing.  Then, when Dana arrived, she was the official ribbon assembler.  I was so happy they were willing to help.

Unfortunately, the evening could not be complete without a hiccup!!  First, the glue dots dispenser started acting up.  I’m pretty sure Neil did some voodoo on it to keep us from having our fun!!  But while we were out for dinner, we stopped at Hobby Lobby to get more.  You would think that FOUR glue dot dispensers would be enough.  Ha!  The evening ended after Emily went through all FOUR cartridges.  F-O-U-R.  Ridiculous!!  So the night ended early, but I can say that we got about 80% of the way done!!  Hooray for us!!

And of course, after a long day of wedding invitation assembly, we ended the night with the movie 27 Dresses.  And while it was my first viewing, Emily and Dana were seasoned pros.  Let me just tell you – too cute!!  And yes, I cried!!

So once these beautiful little invitations have left my hands, I promise to update you on a full DIY post!!  Lovely! 🙂