Do you speak French?  If there’s one thing I don’t do, it’s speak French!!  But with a little help from a spectacular friend in my MAT program, I now speak French…kind of!! 🙂

Okay, well, even if I don’t really speak French, that doesn’t mean I’m not going to try!!  Heck…we’re going to Paris for our honeymoon, why not try to immerse myself in the culture!  And so starting today, that is what I will do! 🙂

For weeks now, Neil and I have been going back and forth with our honeymoon.  At first, starting last fall, he asked me to “just plan it”.  Well, doing isn’t as easy as saying.  Yes, I have a degree in tourism – I should be phenomenal at this, but to be honest, I struggled.  Badly.  I’ve never been to London or Paris so I didn’t know the prime locations that I should be looking at.  I also didn’t really know where our budget laid.  So I fiddled around…found some that we definitely should not book at…and in the end, failed.  Yes, I failed.

So let’s fast forward here a couple months.  I finally told Neil he has no choice…he has to help me.  I was getting so overwhelmed that at one point, I even suggested we hire someone to do it for us.  Okay, I was only kidding, but still.  I’m supposed to be a tourism pro, after all.  So we finally did it.  We talked about where we wanted to spend our money (i.e. hotels, dinners, attractions, etc.) and we looked at maps of our two chosen locales.  We made a list of several we liked and when we were finished looking, we went back and started knocking our list down.  Finally, after really only an hour of looking, we were down to two hotels that made us both smile!! 🙂

Next up on the list of to-dos…get a credit card that would allow us to make overseas purchases – and not charge us an exchange rate fee.  And because my family is such worldly travelers, this task was finished almost before it started!!  As you remember, Capital One is one of the very few cards that will do just that.  And as of yesterday – we had our pretty little plastic with the pretty little Raikkon face card in our hands!  And because Neil’s life is a wee bit too busy to be sitting on the phone with Capital One, I took it upon myself to activate his card.  I’m well aware they weren’t totally convinced I was Neil Barnes – the comment, “And your name is Neil?” came up a few times, but as suspected, I passed all the “security tests” they needed me to and his card was activated!  Hooray!!  So before my computer even knew what was happening, I was logged on and finding out hotels to make reservations!

Our first hotel is in London.  It’s literally a hop, skip, and jump from Hyde Park and has a tube nearby as well.  It’s a cute and cozy little thing and according to Neil’s English friend at work, so long as we’re in a good location, we’re in a good hotel!! 🙂  Check!  Say hello to honeymoon hotel numero uno… Elysee Hotel!



So after London was Paris.  This one was a little scarier.  We don’t speak French (obviously!) and we have no idea what we’re looking at when there’s a map in front of us but it’s all written in French!  Eek!  So we did the best we could, we found what we were pretty sure was the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and Arc de Triumph…then we looked for hotels around that.  And we were lucky!!  We found several and did the same thing as with the London hotels – went back and checked again.  We finally decided on one and booked a room for the second part of our honeymoon.  Check her out!!  Beautiful Hôtel de l’Ocean.



So, yes, the “Les Nouveaux Mariés Iront à Paris”…and London!  And we absolutely, positively cannot wait!!!!!!

Only 120 days…14 hours…6 minutes…and 10 seconds!!! 🙂 YIPEE!!!!