Well friends, a decision has been made!!

This week was just a whirlwind of wedding events and I am so happy to report that something that has been looming on the wedding checklist for well over three months is now officially CHECKED OFF!!

Tuesday afternoon, Mom and I headed up to the dreaded Northside (no offense, I just don’t like the traffic!!).  We were visiting a bakery that Mom had heard tremendous things about!  Needless to say, we were both pretty excited to try out some wedding cake from a professional baker.  Yippee!!

We arrived about 30 minutes early…whoops!!  Oh well, they were able to take us early so we were happy.  Beforehand, I had mentioned to our consultant there that my fiance would not be able to join us and was going to see if they could box some up for us.  No problem-o!  Anyway, Mom and I were sat at a cute little table and while our consultant prepared our tastings, we perused the beautiful cakes they had in store.  Some of them were just unbelievable!!  Like the damask cake…are you kidding me?!  The detail was amazing!  There were three or four cakes that Mom and I were drooling over and I just could not wait to get my hands on them!!  No sooner than she left was she back with our tastes.  She left us to enjoy…and enjoy we did!!  Our flavors of choice were white, red velvet, raspberry, and lemon.  We also had lemon, raspberry, coconut, and hazelnut fillings.  I was amazed, when we took that first bite, how dense the cake was!!  It was so rich and perfect – I loved everything about it.  The frosting was super thick and creamy.  It put smiles on both mine and my Mom’s face.  Then because we didn’t want to have to come back up to Carmel, we decided to go ahead and fill out a proposal…just in case Classic Cakes was the one.  We picked out a cake and some colors.  Did the pricing, and decided that once Neil had a chance to taste the cakes, we’d make a decision on flavors.  We left the store with a price in hand and a smile in our hearts. 🙂

After arriving home, I demanded Neil try the cakes!!  I couldn’t wait to see his reaction.  But as all boys do, he simply said, “It tastes like cake.”  Oh well.  So we decided on some flavors and I showed him the pictures of what we had (kinda) decided.  But, a decision could not be made until another tasting had occurred.

Enter Wednesday afternoon.  After a lovely morning of class, I met Mom at the store and we headed to Pipers (more on that later!) then to Sunshine Bakery.  Sunshine Bakery was originally located in Zionsville but chose to look elsewhere for a new bakery when their lease was up.  In the meantime, they decided to open up shop in Greenwood.  Ironically, they took a spot just two doors down from the beloved E&L (R.I.P. my lovely E&L Cakes… :() Anyway, when we realized eons ago that E&L was gone, we noticed another bakery popped up just down a couple doors.  This bakery, Our Bake Shoppe, was delicious!!  They had samples of their cupcakes at Transformations when the girls went to get pretty for Emily’s wedding.  Who cares that we had a wedding in a few hours…Dana and I indulged in some tasty confections!  So that’s why I had originally wanted to go to Our Bake Shoppe.  Well, between then and now, Our Bake Shoppe had been bought out by Sunshine Bakery.  We also came to find out they bought their recipes, too, so win-win in my book!  Okay…back to the story… So we stopped into Sunshine and were greeted by Nancy.  She took us to the back office and – same as Classic – we drooled over cake photos as she prepared our tastings.  At Sunshine, we tried white, lemon, and cinnamon swirl – along with raspberry and lemon filling.  Sunshine has well over 50 different cake flavors to choose from, so I really just picked what sounded good at the time!!  It’s a tough choice!  Anyway, she let us be as we tasted heaven.  Again…the density was to die for.  I don’t see how bakeries can make cake so perfect!  It seems impossible to me, but anyway…that’s why I’m not a professional baker! 😉  Nancy rejoined us and we – again – looked at some prices and decided on a style we liked…which was way different from the first style we liked at Classic (hey, I like a little variety!)  So – yet again – we left with smiles on our faces!!

Once Neil arrived home from a long and hard day’s work, I – once again (are you seeing a theme here?!) – hounded him to try the cake at once!!  And just as we felt, there was not difference between the cake itself.  Personally, I thought the lemon at Sunshine was much more lemon-y, but it was basically the same cake!!  Neil said he liked Classic better simply because they had raspberry cake…but, once I checked online…yup!  Sunshine has raspberry, too, I just didn’t think to ask for it!!

So since Neil didn’t particularly care either way which baker we went with, Mom and I decided to go with Sunshine.  There wasn’t much difference between the two – except that Sunshine is on the Southside and we’re all about working with local businesses!  So Mom walked in Thursday and paid our deposit!  Check and mark!  One down…a million to go!

Of course, that didn’t stop me from still looking…and no, I didn’t look at other bakers but the decision couldn’t be made that easily, now could it?!  Well either way, I checked Sunshine’s website and perused over all their flavors.  I had Neil take a peek as well and we decided on a few more flavors we wanted to try out before 100% deciding on our cake flavors.  So next Saturday, cake tasting #2 will commence.  We have 4 more flavors to devour ourselves in and we’ll be on our way! 🙂

Speaking of cake…I’ve had many-a conversations with Wendy about cake.  I found one I liked and her baker is going to try to recreate it for us…with buttercream icing of course!  She told me a few weeks ago that since our party is so small, we’d only need a one-tiered cake.  Eek!  One tier?!  Like BIRTHDAY cake?!  So I searched high and low for something that wasn’t going to be “birthday cake”-like and came up with this…


I like that it’s on a cake stand so it doesn’t look so one-tier-ish.  Well, Wendy passed it onto Angela who said she’d be happy to recreate it…of course, finding a cake stand to put it on might be somewhat of a challenge.  Angela has a pink one…but I just don’t see that working! 🙂  I’m also hoping that Lorna can get some kind of peony or hydrangea to put on top.

So yes, successful week in terms of cakes!  We’re winding down on four months and I. Can’t. Wait! 🙂  Right now, I am ONE HAPPY BRIDE!!!