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Ah!  Finally – something worthy of being a weekly inspiration!!  I’m sure you know what’s next…”my sincerest apologies for not having an inspiration for the last few months {eek!}!!!”  But finally, as the wedding is nearing {we’re almost at 3 months…can you believe it?!  THREE months?!}, I’m beginning to finalize the details that I never thought we’d be considering!!  Not because we didn’t want them – simply because I never thought our wedding would finally come!!!  But yet, here we are!  Ready to get some things in order!  Can you feel the excitement rushing through my veins?!

So for this weeks inspiration, we’re looking at shoe clips.  Sure, this has nothing to do with my groom, but rather my attire.  In case you weren’t aware, I currently have three pairs of shoes.  Back several months ago, I had laid my eyes on the perfect pair of pearl white flats.  I felt so lucky that I had found exactly what I was wanting…and in a price range that both Mom and I could agree on! So I ordered the perfectly little slippers from (they didn’t have them in the store) and they quickly arrived.  When I opened the box…tears went streaming down my face.  THESE ARE NOT THE SHOES I ORDERED!!  Sure, they were white, but they weren’t pearl like they clearly were in the picture.  And the bow almost looked yellow like it was old or something.  I quickly contacted Macy’s Customer Service and explained my dilemma.  The representative I spoke with was very helpful and simply explained that unfortunately, the picture was deceiving because those were not the shoes they had in stock.  Boo!  Since then, I have purchased two more pairs of shoes…but my heart still beats for the once perfect Jessica Simpson flats. Because I love the flats so much, I’ve decided that I’ll just decorate them myself!  No, not “Bedazzle” them, but simply and gorgeously enhance their appearance.  So that’s when I looked to Etsy for assistance.  About six months ago, I decided that Etsy was the end-all, be-all for wedding details planning.  Every little quirky item that I want for our wedding, I find on Etsy.  Smiles!

So here they are – the not so perfect {yet} Jessica Simpson flats…

And to make these little beauties even better, I am hoping to do away with the bow and add my own flair.  Enter this week’s inspiration…

These gorgeous little shoe clips are all courtesy of and they are all beautifully handcrafted.  I want to go through my thoughts on each one and maybe come to a decision after all this banter!!

The first one is a beautiful organza flower with Swarvoski pearls and crystals.  I really love this one because it’s so simple and elegant – and the pearls fit “pearl”-fectly with our theme!  It’s definitely a top contender!!

This next clip is an ivory flower with a Swarvosky pearl center.  Again – the pearl fits the theme and I think the look of it is just gorgeous.  Emily, on the other hand, doesn’t particularly care for it…she doesn’t like roses!!  And well, I don’t love roses either, but I think it still is just so elegant and beautiful – so who knows!!

The third clip is gorgeous and satin.  It doesn’t have the pearl addition, but it is definitely simple.  Of course, I’m still a fan of the pearl – but this one is just too breathtaking to count out!!

Hello PEARLS!!!  This one definitely caught my eye!!!  I absolutely love the cluster of pearls – not to mention the pearls are in two different sizes so it looks more natural rather than just a big cluster of fatty pearls!!!  Either way, I love love love this one!!!  What makes this even better?!  I’ve purchased from this designer before and she has graciously offered to give me a discount and free shipping for being a repeat customer!!!  Woo Hoo!!!

Ha ha ha…okay, so funny story about this one!!!  When I first started looking for shoe clips, I pretty much just copy and pasted several different links and sent them on to Mom.  I also figured – why not?!, I’ll get Emily’s opinion as well.   Wow am I 100% glad I did!!! The first thing she said about this one: “the model’s toes in this picture gross me out!”  Ha ha okay, so that made me laugh!!  Honestly, when I first saw this one, I didn’t notice.  But now that I look at it…geesh!!!  You’d think they’d take that into account when posting a picture like this on the World Wide Web!!!  But in the end, I probably won’t go with this one.  After looking at it at more length, I’ve decided that it’s too gold and would probably look silly up against my white shoes!!!

And finally, another top contender!!  This beautiful ivory and cream bouquet of buds is to die for!  And yes!!  A little pearl center!!! Hee hee!!  These make me smile and it will definitely be a tough choice when it comes to making a decision!

So there you have it…a beautiful little collection of shoe clips!!  Of course…if I were made of money, I would quickly invest in these gorgeous little pieces of treasure…

Unfortunately, these to-die-for Kate Spade shoes and their $280 price tag don’t exactly fit my budget.  Hmfff….  But that doesn’t stop me from dreaming and drooling!!!

P.S.  We’re closing in on the 100-days-to-go mark!!!!


Traditional Grand March at the Reception… (adopted from WorldWedding and

Following the ceremony the bride and groom and all their honored guests head to a private home or to a restaurant for a lavish reception feast.  At the typical Scottish reception you can count on the bride and groom being “piped” to the table of honor, where the bride will cut the first slice of wedding cake using a dirk (a long-bladed knife) that is provided to her by the piper.  As the bride slices the first piece of wedding cake, custom dictates that her hand is guided by the hand of her new husband.  Another take on this tradition says that this is where the bride and groom are piped in to the top table at the wedding reception.  They are followed by the maid of honour and best man, both sets of parents, and finally all the other guests.

So, this is very traditional to what we do here in the States, but the “dirk” is something different (we definitely want one of those!!!)  But either way, we’ll  have our piper pipe us into the reception and then we’ll sit down for dinner!!!  I love the idea of having our piper with us almost all day.  Unfortunately, we won’t be as fortunate back here for the home reception. 😦  But maybe I can find some good pipe music that our DJ can play during dinner!!

Don’t you just love the idea of that big “sword”?!


Well, Wedding Invitation Extravaganza 2010 went off with a bang!  So much was accomplished and I have to thank Emily and Dana for their dedicated hard work!!

It started off with a million supplies strewn across the kitchen table.  At that point, I was pretty sure nothing was going to get done!!!  There were so many things to do!!  Eek!!  But after a little organization, it started to settle down.  I was in charge of cutting and hole-punching and Emily was in charge of assembling and gluing.  Then, when Dana arrived, she was the official ribbon assembler.  I was so happy they were willing to help.

Unfortunately, the evening could not be complete without a hiccup!!  First, the glue dots dispenser started acting up.  I’m pretty sure Neil did some voodoo on it to keep us from having our fun!!  But while we were out for dinner, we stopped at Hobby Lobby to get more.  You would think that FOUR glue dot dispensers would be enough.  Ha!  The evening ended after Emily went through all FOUR cartridges.  F-O-U-R.  Ridiculous!!  So the night ended early, but I can say that we got about 80% of the way done!!  Hooray for us!!

And of course, after a long day of wedding invitation assembly, we ended the night with the movie 27 Dresses.  And while it was my first viewing, Emily and Dana were seasoned pros.  Let me just tell you – too cute!!  And yes, I cried!!

So once these beautiful little invitations have left my hands, I promise to update you on a full DIY post!!  Lovely! 🙂

Since tomorrow is my last day of my last class of my last semester…EVER…I figured it was a good time to fill you all in as to what’s been going on!!  I really cannot apologize more for how sporadic I have been!! I feel absolutely awful.  I have been so busy with getting school stuff done that I’ve literally just forgotten all about my little corner of the internet world!  Whoops!!  So you have me back…for now anyway! 🙂

Well, Saturday will begin the wonderful Wedding Invitation Extravaganza 2010.  I am so excited this day has finally come.  I have refused to do anything until Saturday…simply because I want to make sure there is PLENTY for Mrs. Davis and I to do!!! 😉  But it’s all sitting out and it’s all organized so we should be fine!  Okay, I take that part back about not doing anything…I did put one together, just because I wanted to see how it’d look.  I love it.  L.O.V.E. love it!  So in about a month…get excited for your little mailboxes will be packed with wedding cheer!!!

Next topic: cakes!  A design and flavors have been decided!!  The design was easy…Mom and I went in for our tasting and chose the design right away.  I absolutely love it and I really think it’s going to look great with everything else we have planned!  Not to mention that Sunshine Bakery has the amazing talent of being able to make buttercream look like fondant!  So don’t be alarmed when you lay your eyes on it…it’s not yucky cardboard fondant.  It’s yummy and oh so tasty real buttercream icing!!  Yipee!!  As for the flavors, Neil and I went in last weekend to finalize those.  I think we ended up trying 9 or 10 total…along with about 5 fillings.  We tried the most unusual combinations, but in the end, decided on four flavors that we think everyone will love.  What are those flavors, you might ask?  Ha!  Like I’m going to spill the beans now!!  Let’s just say this…our cake will not only be the tastiest on the block, it will also be the most colorful….ooooh, I’ve said too much!!

Decor…  Oooh, decor…  For weeks now I have been going through my little memory bank of weddings I’ve attended to think about how I want our reception to look.  Piper’s on its own has an amazing elegance to it, but we still want to add our own flair.  Okay, well, we can’t really say it’s our flair, but it’s still pretty awesome!  Yesterday, Mom and I met with Anna again to look at different centerpiece ideas.  First of all, WOW.  Mom and I were absolutely floored with her creativity.  Some of the things she did…wow!  Really?!  And to think she completely came up with it on her own!  I wish I was half as creative as her!!  Anyway, we had three different table settings that we looked at…and then Mom and I made it four because we switched some things around.  Within about 10 minutes, we had our decision.  Then Anna added a little something extra and we couldn’t believe our eyes.  Everything about these tables screams our theme!!  Scotland.  Elegance.  Love.  And Mom swears they centerpieces are “simple”, but I don’t think she knows what the term “simple” really means.  Here’s what Webster has to say about “simple”…not ornate or elaborate. Okay, so maybe our centerpieces aren’t “ornate” per se, but they are definitely elaborate and unusual.  They’re unique and I guarantee you will have NEVER seen our centerpieces at a wedding…and I’m half inclined to bet that you never will.  We’re just that awesome!!  So either way, we’re now awaiting the final quote from Anna, as well as a floor plan and timeline.  Once we have all that, we’ll just need to concern ourselves with a dinner tasting!! 🙂

And finally, entertainment!  After going back and forth about fifty-two times, we finally decided on something.  First, Paul was going to be our emcee, but then he decided that I was asking too much and that he’d rather just enjoy himself at our wedding.  Who can blame him?  After all, it’s his favorite sister (I don’t particularly care for the term “in-law”) getting married!!!  So I talked to Ryan, Emily and Eric’s DJ and unfortunately, he was already booked.  But he was able to refer me to someone else.  Danny at Elite Beat DJ has been a delight to work with.  He’s very low-key and totally understand that we don’t want some loser in a sequined vest saying inappropriate things to our guests.  He fit our style (and budget!) perfectly!  So we went ahead and booked him up.  Talk about some major checks this week!!

Oh, and I know I said finally, but I guess there is still one more thing.  The super fine details that no one will ever notice are being finalized!!  I took a quick trip to JL Johnson’s to check out some more bling.  I found one more thing for myself and a couple things for a loved one of mine.  Unfortunately, mine has to be a special order but I have no doubt that it will turn out exactly how I envisioned.  As for that loved one of mine, their items are in the process of being created and should be finished in about a week or so!  I am so excited!!  Everything is starting to come together so beautifully!!!

My apologies for no pictures today…:(  Because I’m so awesome at being secretive, I just can’t share those with you yet!! 🙂

As I sit here addressing envelopes, it dawns on me.  We’re four months out.  That’s kind of scary to think!!!  Don’t get me wrong…I absolutely can’t wait…but it’s all approaching so quickly!

So today marks a perfect opportunity to check out our checklist and see what progress we’ve made since last month! 🙂

  • Book your cake baker, choose a wedding cake design you love, and send a deposit once you’ve signed the wedding cake contract.
    • Check, check, check, and CHECK!  Finally, after two months of talking about it, we’ve finally done all four of those!!!  Last week was a successful week for that and I am sooo soo pleased to say that we’re finally done with all of that…well kind of, we need to pick flavors – but that’s not biggie!!
  • Choose and reserve all tables, chairs, and any other wedding rentals you’ll need for the reception.
    • Another check in the box!!  After choosing Pipers, we were able to check this – and several other things – off the list!  They take care of tables, chairs, etc., so that means they also take care of several headaches of both mine and my mom’s!!!
  • Book a calligrapher in your area.
    • Check!!  Her name is Amanda Arnold and I’ve heard she’s just FABULOUS!!!! 😉
  • Book your honeymoon flights and make all your other honeymoon travel reservations.
    • CHECK!!  Wahoo!!!  We are on a ROLL today!!  Honeymoon flights were taken care of in the process of booking wedding flights.  As far as other travel reservations (trains, etc.), we won’t be able to book that until about a week before!
  • Start addressing wedding invitations or drop them off with the calligrapher.
    • So that awesome calligrapher I was speaking of…yeah, she’s awesome…and she’s addressing envelopes as we speak! 🙂
  • Pick our or design a ketubah or other marriage contract required by your religion.
    • I’m not 100% sure about this one, but if it means to design the ceremony, it’s finished.  Other than that, there’s not a real hardcopy of a contract required by our religion…just the presence of God…and I think we’ll have that taken care of!
  • Grooms: Give all of the groomsmen the info they need to buy and/or reserve their attire.
    • Okay, I’ll admit, I’ve dropped the ball on this one.  Although, not entirely.  Everyone has the info, it’s just a matter of doing it.  I hope to get it done this weekend…maybe?!
  • Brides: Choose your bridesmaids’ accessories (shoes, jewelry) and either buy or pass along purchasing information.
    • The lucky thing about having one bridesmaid, she can pick whatever she wants in the shoe department!!  I’ve told her either the color of her dress or a gold color would work perfectly, but she also doesn’t want to even think about that until after the bridal shower.  Apparently she’s a bit more stressed about it than I am!! Oh well, she’s the best bridesmaid a girl could ask for!!  And in terms of jewelry, she received some of it via mi papa for Christmas and the rest of it has been picked out at JL Johnson’s.  It’s just a matter of getting there and buying it.
  • Shop for and purchase wedding bands.
    • Check!!!  We did this back in December and I am proud to say that both bands are perfect and safely tucked away in our wedding drawer!!  P.S. Did I mention that I absolutely love them both?! 🙂
  • Buy or rent ceremony decor and reception decorations that aren’t included in your flower proposal.
    • Fortunately, all of this stuff is taken care of by Miss Wendy!!  Isn’t she just the best?! 🙂
  • Brides: Put together a wedding beauty plan (hair treatments, self-tanners, cleansers) and make appointments at a nearby spa (massages, facials, etc).
    • A beauty plan began a few months ago.  I started getting my hair trimmed regularly to ensure it looks its best come June 10th.  I’ve also started tanning – but just mildly, maybe two or three times a week if I’m lucky.  As the time gets closer – and massage will definitely be a must!!!
  • Brides: Double-check that all your attendants have bought their dresses and accessories.
    • Well, the dress is bought, but I don’t think it’s picked up yet!!  Let’s just say the silly consultant demanded that my sister buy a dress that she’s fairly confident will not fit her.  She it’s purchased, she’s just scared to go pick it up!!!
  • Decide whether you want to give our wedding favors.
    • If providing people with an excuse to go to Scotland and the rest of the world isn’t a favor, I don’t know what is!!!
  • Talk to your maid of honour and best man about any prewedding party plans.
    • I don’t know what Troy’s plans are, but invites have been sent for my wonderful bridal shower!!  I absolutely cannot wait!! I know they’ve put so much work into it and I know it’s going to be perfect!
  • Brides: Make sure you have all the under-the-dress essentials and any special lingerie in time for your first wedding dress fitting.
    • To be honest, I haven’t even thought about this yet!!!  I guess I probably should though, huh?!  Oh well…a quick trip to Victoria’s Secret and I’m sure I’ll find what I need!
  • Pick up your invitations.
    • Well, invitations are sitting in the spare bedroom so I’d say that qualifies for “picking them up”.  They just need to be assembled…which will occur in approximately a week and a half!
  • Grooms: If you are renting a tux, visit the formalwear shop to get measured.
    • Does a kilt count?!  No, he hasn’t been measured but I promise it will happen!!
  • Gather all important documents that you’ll need for an international honeymoon.
    • Half check?!  Does that work?  We finally got him applied for a passport and once that comes in, we’ll need to apply for a marriage visa to the United Kingdom.  Once that’s finished, we’ll be set!
  • Finalize and confirm any special ceremony songs or ceremony readings with your VIPs.
    • As far as I’m concerned, there won’t be any, so check!
  • Talk to people you’d want to do special performances of readings as part of the ceremony.
    • Again….see above!
  • Brides: Confirm delivery date for your wedding dress and schedule your dress fittings.
    • Well, I’ve had the dress for eons so I guess the next thing is to schedule fittings!!  I’ll be sure to get that one worked out!
  • If you are handling the bridesmaid dress order, confirm the delivery date.
    • Dress is ordered and has arrived…it’s just a matter of picking it up!!
  • If you haven’t registered for wedding gifts yet, be sure to do so.
    • Oh, that was finished years ago!!!

So HOORAY FOR US!!!!  We got sooo many things checked off this month and I truly cannot wait!!  I finally feel like things are falling into place!! 🙂  Now if June would just hurry up and arrive…

A Scottish Blessing

A thousand welcomes to you with your marriage. May you be healthy all your days. May you be blessed with long life and peace, may you grow old with goodness, and with riches.