What a fitting tradition for the state we’re in with our wedding!!

As you remember, we’ve just recently found ourselves a Minister.  Okay, Wendy found us a Minister, but either way – it’s one thing that has been looking over our heads for eons and it’s now finalized.

Of course, with the Minister comes deciding on our ceremony structure and what things we’d like to involve and say, etc.  Not to mention we have to decide on our vows.  Something that will stay with us forever.  It will be the foundation of our lives and will be what we always have to fall back on in a time of hurt and sorrow as well as joy and excitement.

Our vows.  The one part of our wedding that I was not going to skimp on.  And while Neil decided a long time ago that he “didn’t care” about details of the wedding, I didn’t give him a choice on this one.  So, a few weeks ago, we sat down together and went through every part of the ceremony.  We had been given a lot of different structures to pick from so I read every part and Neil and I decided together what we were going to do.

The Vows… (adopted from  WorldWeddingTraditons.com)

Once at the alter the couple may choose to recite their vows in ancient Gaelic or to recite them in modern English. Following the vows the groom often pins a strip of his clan’s tartan colors to the bride’s wedding dress to signify that she is now a member of his clan.

So yes, we will have vows at our wedding – of course!!  Will they be in ancient Gaelic…probably not, I think we’ll save ourselves the hassle and go with modern English.  Although, perhaps we’ll partake in the pinning of the tartan tradition…maybe?!