Boring, I know, get over it!  I’m the bride…I’m going to do what I want to – and this is what I want to do!! 🙂

Going Down the Aisle… (adopted from

The couple are either bag piped down the aisle or traditional Gaelic hymns are played as they walk to the altar. The Highland Wedding is played at virtually all Scottish weddings.

In case you were unfamiliar, The Highland Wedding is a song that is played by the bag piper.  It’s a tune that is very popular when looking for traditions in Scotland, so yes, we’ll likely have it at our wedding, too!!

As far as “the couple” being bag piped down the aisle as they want to the altar, I can tell you that won’t happen!  For the obvious reason…we won’t be walking down the aisle together!!  I hope to have some kind of bag piper introducing my arrival, then the harp and flute playing as I walk down the aisle.  Then, on the way back down the aisle – away from the altar!! – the bagpipe will play.

So it’s a silly tradition, and really not one that is specific, per say, to the Scottish heritage, but nonetheless, it’s what they gave me and I’ll take it!!

Super BIG news coming soon!!!  Just wait about a day or so and I promise, my little pumpkins, you’ll know!!  You’ll be so surprised, your face will get stuck like THIS: