So have you figured it out yet?  Do you know where I’m going with all these monthly posts and their crazy and obscure titles?!  No?  Still not?  Well, I guess we’ll just have to wait.

In the time being…whoa!  (Do I say that every month now?!) We’re 5 months out.  Eek!!  As I told Neil this morning (and he quickly thanked me for the clarifications)…5 months is less than half a year!!  (Yeah, that’s what you get when you’re talking to an engineer!!)  I still cannot fathom it…and yes, I know, next month I won’t be able to fathom it either!!  It’s so weird but it’s like our wedding just creeped up on us from out of no where!!

Oh well – let’s get started because the Good Lord knows we have a LOT to cover!

  • Set aside blocks of hotel rooms for out-of-town guests.
    • Check!!  A lot of discussions have gone on about this.  Currently, there are two room blocks set up in Scotland but none here.  After further discussion with Mom, there really aren’t a whole lot of people from out-of-town that will be coming to the reception that won’t be staying at my parents house.  I guess after we looked at it, we don’t really know people from out-of-town that aren’t family.  And since our reception won’t be taking place during a holiday weekend, we’re just going to take our chances!!  Besides, most hotels require you to take a 10-room block and we don’t need nearly that many rooms!!
  • Book your cake baker, choose a wedding cake design you love, and send a deposit once you’ve signed the wedding cake contract.
    • Okay, this is still up  in the air!  Neil and I were all set out to visit some bakeries around town to get an idea of what we wanted when Neil mentioned to me that he didn’t really want a cake.  He’s not a big sweet person and he thought there were other ways to spend that money.  Mom, however, feels differently.  She thinks it’s important to have a cake and she’s willing to pay for it.  I guess she just can’t “figure us out”.  In her words, “You say you want a traditional reception, but you don’t want a cake?!”  Yes, Mom, I know!  Anyway, there are several ideas floating through our head, so we’ll just have to see what happens.  But as it stands, still no baker!
  • Hash out your wedding flower proposal.
    • Check!  Just after last months Checklist post, I got an email from Lorna with all our prices on it.  Of course, everything is tentative depending on the winter they have and what flowers are available, but we have a rough estimate.  Final decisions on flowers won’t happen until later, though – per the request of Miss Wendy.
  • Book a calligrapher in your area.
    • This one is going to be interesting.  The woman that lives next door has impeccable handwriting.  It’s not “calligraphy”, it’s just her normal handwriting.  But it’s beautiful.  When she gave Neil and I a housewarming card, I joked about having her pen our invitations, but the more I think about it – the more I really think I’d like her to!!  I know it’d be a lot of work, but seriously!  Her handwriting is to die for!
  • Choose and reserve all tables, chairs, and any other wedding rentals you’ll need for the reception.
    • Another thing that has been pushed off to the side for another day.  I have a floor plan from the Performing Arts Center, now we just need to figure out about how many people will be at the wedding and how many tables and chairs we’ll need!  I am really keeping my fingers crossed that I can cross this off the list next month!!
  • Grooms: Start planning your groomsman attire.  Tux or suit?
    • Or NEITHER!!  Yes, if you’ve lived under a ROCK for the past 12 months, the boys will be wearing kilts!!  We know where we’re getting them and what they’ll look like, it’s just a matter of getting them ordered!!!  Check, check, check!! 🙂
  • Grooms: Start looking to buy or rent your groomsman attire.
    • Okay, déjà vu!  Check!
  • Book a hotel room for your wedding night.
    • Wow…this could have been checked off eons ago!!  I truly think this was one of the first things we did for the wedding!! 🙂
  • Book the rehearsal dinner site and finalize menu plans.
    • We are just on a roll!!  Check!!  The rehearsal dinner will be at the Oak Rooms at Ogstons Hotel.  It’s a quaint little place – I love looking at the pictures!!  But we rented the place out, so it should be a good time – nice and private for our little rehearsal dinner! 🙂
  • Make sure your out-of-town guests know all the details. Add hotel reservation and city information to your wedding website and/or compile hard copies and mail out.
    • I’ve been in constant contact with most people who will be coming to Scotland.  Everyone (that I’m aware of) has all the hotel information and if not, they know how to get ahold of me!  I’ve also been constantly updating it online, so I think we’re good here! 🙂
  • Book your honeymoon flights (if not using frequent flyer miles) and make all your other honeymoon travel reservations.
    • So…it’d probably help if we had flights at all to begin with.  I’ve asked Mom about it several times, but last I heard, it still hasn’t happened!  Either way, I’ve been researching honeymoon stuff and I’m up to my eyeballs!!  I can’t find a decent hotel, so I’m hoping Neil and I can sit down one night and go through hotels, etc. together.  It’s easier when I have his opinion!
  • Start addressing wedding invitations or drop them off with the calligrapher.
    • Yeah…about that…Neil and I just had the conversation – it probably won’t get done because he’s insisting on using the computer.  And yes, I just tried it, and it didn’t work.  So back to square one!  Oh.  Goody.
  • Grooms: Decide on your groomsmen’s formal wear. Let the guys know and ask them to get fitted for their tuxes.
    • Okay, seriously The Knot…that’s the third time this month!  But, I guess if that means one more thing checked of, I’m okay with it!! 🙂

150 days…9 hours…0 minutes…12 seconds ’til our wedding!! 🙂