Hi Friends!!!  I’m back!!! And this time, I come bearing good news of a great joy for all people…

…whoops!  Well, I do have good news!!  We have a minister!!! 🙂  Notice all the “!!!!’s”?  Yeah, I’m a wee bit excited!

Finding a minister has been on the top of mine and Miss Wendy’s to-do lists for about 6 months now!  And crazy how just a walk with the pup will check an item off the list!!  (Yes, Wendy was walking her dog when she ran into an old friend…who married a minister!  Yay for us!!)

So I emailed said Minister and got an idea of who he was, what he was about, and what he could offer our ceremony.  He went above and beyond the call of duty!  He gave me four different ceremony scripts, one of which was his personal ceremony from when he married his wife.  Needless to say, it was a bit overwhelming.  Looking at three vastly different scripts, trying to figure out where to start…that was interesting.  But as Emily suggested, “Start at the top.”  So insightful.  But I did just that…and I read.  And read.  And read some more.  Until my eyes fell out.  Literally.  No, figuratively.  I have an idea of what goes into a ceremony now, but the big question is, what do we want in our ceremony.  I compiled a list of things we definitely want and asked for him to try to devise a plan around it.  That way, we can be traditional and have our own flair – at the same time.

So now I present to you my inspiration for this week – our ceremony.  Everything listed below is something that has gone through my mind about our wedding.

Something we first had to decide was sand ceremony or unity candle.  We like the idea of both of them but the beauty of the sand ceremony struck a chord with us.  The way the sand wraps around each other…I don’t know, it’s just very cool.  In fact, when I emailed our Minister about it, he hadn’t even heard of it!  But after a little bit of research, he thought it sounded very romantic.  So check that one off!!  We’re having the sand ceremony!

Music was decided ages ago and I am so happy to report that our flutist, harpist, and bagpiper are all still booked and ready to go.  Now, it’s just a matter of deciding what music they’re going to play!  The music created by a harp is breathtaking – it’s like nothing else I’ve ever heard.  When you add in the flute, it almost puts tears in my eyes.  And why the bagpiper?  Because it’s SCOTLAND, of course!!!

And now to the two most intimate parts of a wedding ceremony.  The exchange of rings and the first kiss.  There is nothing like having the opportunity to place the wedding band that your husband (or wife) will wear for the rest. of. their. life. on the third finger of the left hand.  I can’t wait for that moment.  And the kiss.  Who could forget the kiss.  The symbolic kiss that forever binds two hearts into one.

So yes, wedding details are starting to finalize themselves.  It’s starting to get exciting.  Things are taking shape.  Now if only the same could be true about the reception….humph! (<–that’s me, huffing…)