As you may already know, Mom promised that once January 1, 2010 hit – she’d start working on the wedding.  Well, Mom!!! January 1, 2010 has come and gone…it’s time to get down to business!!

Throughout the past couple of months, I’ve been sending Mom countless emails regarding the wedding.  Everything from hair, makeup, centerpieces, and cakes has been “discussed”.  I put “discussed” in quotes because it’s all been a 1-way discussion!!  Sure, I may have received a couple responses…but that was only after I pulled the email up for her and forced her to read it!!  Other than that, it’s been a lot of sitting and waiting on my part.  Her excuse: Christmas.

Well, boys and girls, Christmas is over – which means the only thing we should be focused on right now…the wedding.  We’re slowly approaching the 5-month mark and there is still so much to do!  And the more I think about it, the more I’ve realized that I’d rather have a more casual and relaxed reception – rather than the fancy-pants one I was originally thinking of.  That way we’ll have more money to use in Scotland for the actual wedding.  Now don’t think that just because I’ve said that it means we are going to have a crappy reception!!  That’s not the case at all!!  But since it’s not the actual wedding, it makes sense to be a little more relaxed and casual.  Yes, I’ll still be wearing my dress and veil.  Yes, Neil will still be wearing his whatever he decides to wear.  All we’re talking is simply switching from fine silverware to the Reflections version of plasticware…you know the kind – the stuff that looks like real silverware!  And seeing as how the reception will be outside, it just makes more sense!!  It also takes a lot of weight off my shoulders!!

Aside from the reception, I’m also starting to fret about the actual ceremony.  As it currently stands, we do not have a minister.  Now, I know that Wendy is working diligently to find us one, but it really is starting to worry me.  I would like to get a ceremony schedule nailed down and I’d love to be able to talk to the minister to figure out his style.  All-in-all, this is probably my #1 concern.

Let’s talk cakes for a minute.  I made Neil make a promise to me back in November.  I made him promise that during my Christmas break, we would go to Our Bake Shoppe and get our cake squared away.  Yes, well, Christmas break is over.  And where are we with our cake?  Um…let’s just say we’re in the same place we were in November…when I made Neil make the promise.  YESSSS!  We.  Are.  Awesome.  So, no, we haven’t gotten real far on that – but, that doesn’t mean we’re a total lost cause!  Since we’ve officially surpassed the January 1 mark, I emailed Mom to see what the average price of a cake was.  I really have not the foggiest clue, so a little assistance from mi madre would be great.  Of course…it’s 1:00pm and I’m still waiting…waiting…waiting. But, because I knew I’d be waiting, I decided to email Our Bake Shoppe to get an idea of what kind of price range we were looking at.  And once we get that worked out, hopefully we’ll be able to take a trip to Main Street and get some flavors picked out…which Neil is 100% pumped for!!  (Okay, I say “pumped”, but we’ll just go with “he’s willing to come with me if he gets to pick out fun flavors”.)

Another big-ticket item…the ::dreaded:: honeymoon.  Okay, no, the honeymoon itself is not dreaded.  The planning, on the other hand, is.  At this point, I’m apt to just go the Carrico-Davis route and book a dang cruise!!!  No, no, no, I won’t do that, but really, this is just getting ridiculous.  I can’t find a hotel in the right price range and the right location to save my soul.  And really – what else is there?!  I figure we just walk around and look for dinner spots…that’s always the best way to do it!  But the hotels.  Grr!!

If it weren’t for those couple of things, we’d be A-OK with our wedding!!  But now that it’s our WEDDING YEAR – it’s time to kick it into high-gear!!