Sincerest apologies for my absence.  Florida really takes it out of ya…not to mention I was never by a computer!  Anyway, this post is written entirely by the request of Mrs. Davis.

At first, when she texted me saying, “Please write in your engagement journal tonight.”, I responded with…”About what?!”  Then – she told me to “make something up.”  So here I am…making something up!!

After I thought about it, though, I thought, “There really is a lot going on…er, kinda.”  Anyway, just to hold you (until I have more time…seeing as it is 10:30pm and I do have to go back to school tomorrow), the realization of this being our WEDDING YEAR has been unexpected.  It’s scary…a good scary…to think we’re down to almost 5 months.  That means I can count our months on one hand…eek!!  It’s go time!!  So a lot has been running through my head lately…and I will be sure to update you – in full, Mrs. Davis – tomorrow…when I have more time…!!

Until then…goodnight!!! 🙂