It’s been a couple days since our last conversation.  Truly, not much has happened.  It’s still so odd to think that this will be our last Christmas.  Even more strange is to think that in just 4 short days, Neil and I will have been engaged for a whole year!  Let’s take it one step further…Neil just brought up a good point last night – we got engaged when I was 21 years old, and now I’m almost 23.  It just sounds weird to me…I don’t know!

Yesterday, we took a trek out to Miromar Outlets to get some Christmas shopping done.  This was honestly the first Christmas that we were not finished with shopping prior to coming to Florida.  We were such slackers.  Although, it has been an odd year – Christmas seems to have just popped up on me!!  Personally, I’m blaming it on the fact that there are more exciting things to look forward to…namely, the wedding!!! 🙂

Anyway, while shopping we were able to finish up our Christmas to-buy-for list…including a certain someone ::me::!!! Mom, Dave, and Ellen were pretty easy – well, at least I thought so.  Okay, let’s just say that Mom was easy.  For some reason, Neil just has a problem shopping – he keeps second guessing himself and it ends up being a 4 hour affair to shop for two people!!  Geesh!!  But, before we could shop for anyone…we had to shop for someone in particular first.  Drum roll please…..NEIL.  He got two, count them t-w-o jackets yesterday!  The kid is ridiculous!

We also stopped into Sunglass Hut to get my Christmas present.  Neil has been referring to my sunglasses as Dale Earnhardt’s for the past bajillion years.  Okay, not that many years – but since I got them, which is now pushing 3 years.  So, instead of donning those bade boys, come Christmas Eve, I’ll have a brand spankin’ new pair of “guites”, as Dad would call it (that’s pronounced “gweets”).

So I sincerely apologize for an uneventful couple of days, but as I said before, it’s more for me than for you!! 🙂