I’m writing to you this morning because something has just dawned on me.  I am boring!!  Geesh!!  Why didn’t you guys tell me?!

So where is all this coming from?  Let’s see…

Every once in a while, I’ll hop on WordPress and see who all is visiting my little journal.  occasionally, it will tell me specific posts that are more popular than others, and this morning was no different.  Yesterday, some people checked out the post Feeling Rushed.  I’ll be honest with you – I remembered the post title, but I didn’t remember anything about it!  So I took it upon myself to go back and re-read what was so interesting to two people out in cyber space.

I’ll be honest, I laughed!!  I was just so clever!! 😉  Okay, but seriously, what has happened to me?  Has our wedding become so boring that I just really cannot come up with anything to say about it – unless it’s a pre-written Tradition or Inspiration…which even with that I’m lacking!!  I started going back and the last time I really wrote anything meaningful was November 16th.  That was more than a month ago – and even then, that was just casually written.  It really didn’t pertain to our wedding!  It was just something I had to say.

Well, first of all, let me say how glad I am that I chose to take on these traditions and inspirations.  It’s sad to say but all my little followers would be so lost without those!  They would have nothing to read!  (My apologies!)  So yes, I am glad I decided to do those, but you people needed to have told me that I was starting to get boring!

With all that said, I do have to admit, there has been nothing.  Zip.  Nada.  going on with the wedding.  You know, with Christmas right around the corner (literally!!  EEK!) Mama just doesn’t have a whole lot of time.  But that doesn’t stop me from emailing her…even thought I know I won’t get a response!  She has promised me though that come January 1st, it’s on!!  The wedding that is!  She will fully dedicate herself to the success of this wedding, so hopefully then, she can go back into her archive of wedding emails to start to reply…finally! 🙂

Okay…I stand corrected, I just checked back and there are a few things that have happened that haven’t been discussed…  WHOOPSIE!!

Over Thanksgiving break, my groom, my grande dame of honour, and my beautiful future mother-in-law went on a hunt.  I dragged Amy with me simply because she hasn’t been able to be 100% part of the planning of the wedding…and she is the grande dame of honour, afterall!!  Anyway, we went looking for reception locations.  I know, I know – you all thought that was set in stone.  And sure, it was, for a very long time.  In fact, it was the one thing we knew we could 200% count on!!  Well, FMIL has decided that she wanted to foot the bill for an actual wedding reception location rather than just having it at home.  At first, I had mixed feelings – the ease of having it at home just seemed logical, but at the same time, it would be nice to have something a bit fancier.  So after a bit of thinking, I was all for it!!  It started with me emailing some places, namely Grafton Peek, the Mavris, and Plainfield Parks and Recreation.  The biggest problem that we found was that we already have a caterer, er, kind of!  So on Thanksgiving break, we all took a drive out to Plainfield to look at three places, Friendship Gardens, the Community Center, and the Performing Arts Center.  Of the three, by far, Friendship Gardens is the most beautiful, it’s just very limiting in space and parking.  Very limiting.  The Community Center had the most amenities, such as tables, chairs, a kitchen, and it was inside.  But Neil had been to a wedding there before – and while it was a long time ago and he doesn’t 100% remember it, he knew it wasn’t what we were looking for.  So, off to the Performing Arts Center it was.  This was a newer place and it really is just a covered concrete structure in the middle of a field.  But it had everything we needed.  There was a big garden of flowers right in front of it, bathrooms across the field, beautiful trees as a backdrop.  And while the concrete structure itself isn’t too glamorous, it will fit our needs perfectly.  It’s outdoors, but it’s covered.  It has plenty of parking.  It’s secluded.  With the right decorative details and touches, it will be perfect.

Another thing I’ve been fiddling with is hair and how I want it to be styled for the wedding.  I think I (for the most part) knew I wanted it up.  It’s truly timeless and beautiful.  Exactly how I wanted it up was still a mystery.

It all started with this – the way I had my hair for Emily’s wedding…


I absolutely loved my hair for her wedding, but I just think it needs something else to truly be a bridal hairstyle.

Then, as I searched, I found these…



I thought these styles were just gorgeous, but I don’t know if I 100% love the “danglies” hanging down in front.  So, I kept searching and found some people I actually know!!


Kristin’s hair was absolutely beautiful in her wedding.  I loved all the curls and the simplicity of the style.

An acquaintance from High School, Adrian.

I really loved her hair, the bangs are a bit longer than Kristin’s, and it’s just all around beautiful!!

So, you see, I have a general idea of what I want for my hairstyle, but it’s still all a big mess!!  In all honesty, it may just be a mixture of all of the above!  Because certainly I couldn’t make it easy!!

Again, my sincerest apologies for being boring – but I can almost 100% guarantee that come January 1st, information will be coming at you fast and furious.  I can’t wait to finally start nailing down some specifics!!!