This tradition has very little to do with Scotland itself, but parts of it are definitely Scotland-related!

The Bride’s Wedding Dress… (adopted from Scottish Wedding Traditions)

Traditionally, the bride would always wear a white dress to show her purity.  Little touches of tartan are also nice.  The modern Scottish bride will wear a traditional or contemporary white wedding gown.

Yes, as we’ve all figured out – Neil has some Scottish in him.  AND we’ve even gone so far as to figure out which tartan belongs to his family.  He’s part of the Robertson clan and therefore has several tartans to choose from.  But, because he is not as connected to his Scottish heritage as he maybe should be, I won’t be donning the touch of tartan.  Although, I have thought it would be pretty cool to do the traditional “pinning of the tartan”, just to add a bit more tradition to the mix, but at this point – who knows what will happen!!

And because I wouldn’t dare leave a picture of my wedding dress on this engagement journal, here’s something to hold you…the results of the classic “pinning of the tartan”…