Can you believe it?

Six months to go!

Let’s look at it this way…

  • 6 months ago…we were a YEAR away from being married.  I wrote the post, No Words, and I truly thought our wedding day would never get here!
  • 6 months ago…I had just started my Master’s program at Marian.  I was nervous, scared, anxious…all of those.  Well, now I’ve completed 2/3rds of my Master’s and have only one semester left!
  • 6 months ago…we didn’t have a house.  Sure, it was being built, but it wasn’t livable.  Now, we have a house and it’s slowly becoming a home.
  • 6 months ago…we only had 2 dogs.  Little Kindie and Little Raikkon were all we could think of.  We hadn’t even imagined getting another dog!!
  • 6 months from now…I’ll be marrying my best friend. 
  • 6 months from now…I’ll be graduated from Marian and possess not only a Master’s degree but a teaching license from the State of Indiana!
  • 6 months from now…I’ll our house will be all ours and it will be even more of a home than it is now!
  • 6 months from now…we’ll have 3 dogs.  Well, we have 3 dogs now, but I promise – that won’t be changing!

It’s amazing how much can change in just a little bit of time!

As far as the wedding is concerned…it’s crunch time now!  I keep telling myself that I don’t feel like we’ve done anything for so long and that we’re wayyy behind!  Well…let’s look at the checklist and see exactly where we stand!!

  • Start taking better care of yourself.  Get in wedding day shape by eating right, joining a gym, or even hiring a personal trainer.
    • CHECK!!  Neil and I have worked out 4-5 times a week for the past 2 years and at the end of October, we kicked it into high gear!  We both want to look our absolute best and we both know that if we don’t have the motivation to seriously lose weight and get into shape for our wedding, then we’ll likely never have motivation – and you don’t want to see what that looks like 10 years down the road!!  Eek!  Anyway – no, we aren’t hiring a personal training, but an hour of weights 3 days a week and an hour of spinning twice a week is our plan – and we’ve stuck to it for over a month now!  Of course, I haven’t noticed a difference, but Neil promises that he does!! 🙂
  • Envision your wedding flowers and set up appointments with wedding florists in the area to discuss options.
    • CHECK!  Our flowers have been envisioned for months!  Unfortunately, Miss Wendy won’t allow me to choose anything until it gets closer.  Oh well!!  Anyway, I know what I want and Lorna has been gracious in helping my dreams become a reality. 
  • Envision your wedding invitations.
    • Okay, I’ll be honest.  I think is just screwing with me because I know that last month we were supposed to order our invitations.  How can we order invitations before we envision them?!  Either way – they’ve been envisioned and supplies have already been purchased! 
  • Decide on your officiant and set up a meeting.
    • Well, fortunately I have good news about this…kind of.  Wendy has been in touch with a minister local to the Fife area that will be willing to perform our ceremony.  Unfortunately, he is much more expensive than other ministers, but, he’s there just in case.  Wendy has also contacted another planner who works more frequently in Fife to see if they have any leads.  Honestly, I told Wendy that so long as we have a minister come Thursday, June 10th, I don’t care what happens between now and then!  I know she’s working hard on it and I have faith in her!  Would you mind if I went ahead and checked this off?!  I’m getting a little sick of seeing it on here month after month!!
  • Have engagement photos taken.
    • Check…about 5 months ago!!  I was so excited about getting engagement photos taken, and while I know Neil was at least a little hesitant, I think he had fun!  And we got some great photos in the process!!
  • Set aside blocks of hotel rooms for out-of-town guests.
    • Hotels for here are still pending.  Mom promises that come January 1st, we’re hitting this wedding hardcore.  I’m sure we’ll have something figured out by then!  Plus, with the long Christmas break coming up, I’m sure we’ll get some details nailed down.
  • Book your cake baker, choose a wedding cake design you love, and send a deposit.
    • Next week!  I really hope to get Neil out to Our Bake Shoppe to get some cake designs and flavors decided.  This is definitely one thing Neil is looking forward to!!  He told me he wants Raspberry!!  So cute! 🙂
  • Start looking through reception centerpiece photos.
    • I’ve been in contact with Lorna and Wendy and have some ideas floating around.  I’ve definitely already started looking so we’ll call this a check – but as for a final design, we’re still deciding! 
  • Hash our your wedding flower proposal.
    • In fact, before I read this, I had emailed Lorna to see if she had a chance to get our proposal figured out.  I’m hoping to hear back from her before this evening.  And in true Mom and Dad fashion, I have no idea what our budget is!!  So we’ll just have to see what happens when the proposal comes in!!
  • Grooms: decide what type of formalwear you’ll wear.
    • CHECK!!  My lovely groom (and all the men in the wedding for that matter!) will be donning beautiful Highlandwear for the wedding!  Wendy has gotten me in touch with a great supplier that will allow us to completely customize the entire ensemble from the US and then receive the items when we arrive in Scotland!  This was definitely one of the easiest things we’ve done for the wedding!! 🙂


Ahhh…in just 6 short months, this will be us!! 🙂