I’ve been dawdling about with details for the wedding – and diamonds and jewels have been a big one!  Of course, if you know anything about me, you know that I have been freaking out for the past couple weeks because Thursday is the big 6 months!  What?!  I feel like there is still soooo much to do!  Of course, I do forget that we have already done so much…but it doesn’t seem like it counts.  It was so long ago, I almost forgot what we did.  Honestly, that’s why I love these little inspirations!  They help me remember what I wanted to do – so that later I can go back and make sure they happen!

Anyway, last week when Sister was in town, we took a little jaunt to JL Johnson’s (my love).  Really, we were dropping off my engagement ring to get my wedding band designed (!!) and looking at wedding bands for the Mister (!!).  Ding! Ding! Ding!  My groom found his ring! 🙂  But also…because it took him no time at all…I had Sister look at jewelry for herself.  I’ve thought about what I wanted for her for a loooong time, and boy am I glad I had her pick something out!  I wanted her to get something that she’d be able to wear again (I know she doesn’t do pearls often!) but something that would look good with the wedding.  I had fully intended on her wearing a full strand of pearls.  Whoops!  That wasn’t at all what she wanted!!

So enough babbling…on with the inspiration!

Engagement Ring:  Ah yes, my gorgeous little diamond!  This has really been my inspiration all along!  I love the intricacy of it.  The elegance.  It’s perfect and what I always wanted!

Tin Cup Pearls:  How glad I am I didn’t purchase the pearl strand before I asked Sister!  Basically, she wouldn’t wear a pearl strand often and would have rather opted for the Tin Cup pearl strand.  It’s absolutely beautiful and Jeff had exactly what she wanted!  He’s going to keep searching to make sure we get the best pearls possible, but this will definitely be part of our magical day!!  And a great keepsake for Sister!

Pearl Strand:  Ahh, something borrowed!  My dearest little Mommy is allowing me to wear her pearl strand for the wedding!  Immediately after getting engaged, I asked if she would let me wear it.  I knew I wanted to and I knew it would fit in perfectly!  This isn’t the exact strand, but it’s similar…and you get the idea!!

Pearl Bridal Comb:  For some time now, I have been looking at hair accessories.  I talked about it last month and was really focused on flowers.  But of course, if you remember, Mom thinks flowers are too tropical.  Well, yes…we are getting married near a beach, but it’s not tropical as you would think of tropical!  So then I shifted to pearls.  Are you catching the theme here…?!  Pearls.  Pearls.  Pearls!!  Anyway, this lovely little bunch is from Etsy and it makes me smile.  It’s subtle enough, but looks absolutely gorgeous.  And, since I think I’m wearing my hair up, it’ll fit perfectly!!  Oh who knows!

Luckenbooth Brooch:  Ah, Scottish traditions!!  You’ll learn about this soon, but just to hold you over for now…in Scotland, the groom traditionally gives this to his bride on their wedding day.  Hint, hint!  🙂

Tungsten Carbide and Carbon Fiber Ring:  This is my dearly beloved’s wedding band!!!  Can you believe it!  I love it.  Of course, it comes with several precautions, such as, “if it some how gets stuck, you’re more than likely going to lose a finger because tungsten is too hard to cut.”  Well, Jeff did give us the option of “smashing” the ring to pieces…but that sounds unpleasant!  Needless to say, he won’t be wearing it during any “dangerous” activities.

White Rose and Pearl Comb:  Another hair accessory I’ve  been fiddling with.  Etsy does it again!  This little beauty has a bit more than the other bridal comb, and includes the flower that Mom doesn’t particularly care for.  Fortunately, it’s not a tropical flower – so I may be able to get away with it!!

Pearl Drop Earrings:  So this isn’t exactly what Sister’s earrings look like, but it’s close.  Her earrings have more pearls going up the top…kind of like the Tin Cup necklace.  I love them – and hopefully she’ll be able to wear them again!!  But yes, they fit with the theme perfectly!  I can’t wait!

Pearl and Diamond Earrings: Look familiar?!  Yes, I know these beauties have made their appearance on this site before.  I.  Love.  Them.  In fact, Mom called last night to ask what they looked like and if Jeff knew about them yet.  He didn’t – and I haven’t seen anything in his store that looks like them – so I emailed her a picture.  I know he can come up with something!  He’s just that good!!  But I can’t wait to wear these gorgeous little beauties as I walk down the aisle to meet my groom!

So yes.  I love pearls.  I love diamonds.  I love things that are gorgeous.  Just like our wedding.  And while I may fret about it now, I know in the end, it will be perfect!!