Stag Night… (adopted by

A slightly more raunchy tradition is the groom’s stag party.  Just before tying the knot, the groom and his male friends go out for a wild night of partying and drinking.  Often the groom is so drunk by the end of the evening that he hardly notices that his friends leave him in the street in front of his home, partly or even fully naked, sometimes tied up.

There is of course another version which suggests that a few days before the wedding the groom is taken out on the town by his friends to celebrate his last nights of “freedom” by having “few” drinks.  Depending on his friends, this can also lead to a blackening…  We’ll discuss blackenings next week!

So yes – it’s a bachelor party…to the nth degree!!  Apparently, this tradition is of UK, Canadian, Irish, and New Zealand descent.  And yes, we have the bachelor party in the US, but it does not (on most occasions) lead to a blackening…just wait until you hear about that!!

Something else I found out about the stag night as I was Googling it…

Stag Night is a 2009 horror film (uhh…never heard of it!) about 4 men at a bachelor party who witness a murder in the NY subway system.


Okay…so I think I’ll pass.  But check this out…there’s a whole website in the UK that is dedicated to those stag (and hen) party weekends!!!  Find it here!

So yes, the age-old question…will Neil have a “stag” night?  Well, with Troy and Paul in Scotland (the home of single malt whisky (aka Scotch) with him, you can pretty much guess that there will be a stag night…let’s just hope it’s not as “wild” and “crazy” as the normal tradition!  In fact, I think they’re considering their million dollar golf as their stag party – so I’m okay there! 🙂