Here’s a little nugget of tradition for a dreary Tuesday…

After the Show of Presents… (adopted by

In this tradition, the bride is dressed up by all her friends.  They then parade her through the town – typically banging pots and pans.  Although this is quite embarrassing for the bride, it was financially rewarding as onlookers were encouraged to throw a coin into a bucket or pot for good luck!!!

As you could imagine, this occurred after the show of presents – and will typically lead into the traditional Hen Night…or bachelorette party!

I don’t know if I’d be up for the embarrassment…or that my girls (all 2 of them!) would be willing to do such a thing!  We’re the quiet type – for crying out loud, Emily’s bachelorette party included a wild and raunchy SUNDAY at a WINERY.  Wooo weeee!!  Either way – I’m perfectly fine leaving this tradition to the Scots.  In fact, I’m struggling to find proof that they even still partake in the tradition!!!

Sorry to be so short this evening…with Thanksgiving in just two short days, I have a lot to get in order!!  But of course – I won’t leave you picture-less, and since we’re slowly approaching the beautiful “Winter Wedding” season, I leave you with this beauty…


Okay, I officially quit!  We’re having a winter wedding.  Are you kidding me?!  This is beyond gorgeous.  I can picture it now…a sea of white and silver – chair covers, table linens, flatware, centerpieces –  all with a warm fireplace crackling in the background.  Get. Out. Of. Town.