I have a confession.  I may have a (little bit, tiny, eentsy-weentsy) crush on someone other than my dearly beloved.  But don’t blame me.  I’m not the first bride to have an (little bit, tiny, eentsy-weentsy) affair of this variety.  I just can’t restrain myself…the temptation is too great.


Ooh, dare I say it again?


Yes, as if they planted the email just to be evil.  During lunch yesterday, Paper-Source sent me the email that just may have changed (or ruined…you decide!) my life for eons to come.

After deciding to create our own invitations, I spent several nights in a row thinking about invitation styles.  Envisioning papers.  Dreaming of ribbons that could be incorporated.  It was becoming a major disaster inside my head!  But that didn’t stop me.  Instead, I have fallen in love with the idea of designing my own things.  So much so that I’ve even brought it to Neil’s attention that someday, I would like to open my own invitation and paper-goods store (or design studio).  I have had so much fun with all of this design stuff – the possibilities are honestly endless.

And since Paper-Source has changed (or ruined) my life…you should know that I have now been obsessing with Lifestyle Crafts Letterpress machine.  I have read every review possible.  Googled all the blogs with info on it.  Watched video upon video.  And even signed up for a giveaway to get this newest gadget.  You should be envious!!

Save the Date: This little gem is an exact example of what the L Letterpress Machine by Lifestyle Crafts can create.  Their designs are so versatile and there are so many options to choose from!  Besides, it creates quite professional letterpress paper products – at a fraction of the cost!!

Raspberry Envelope: A slight disadvantage to the L Letterpress Machine.  It can’t be 100% customizable.  They have certain plates you can choose from, but as far as creating text (outside of a monogram) is nearly impossible.  But true letterpress costs a pretty penny…a pretty penny that many brides can’t quite afford!

Letterpress Calligraphy: This is the ultimate letterpress opportunity.  A gorgeous calligraphy – letterpressed.  I’ll wait as you try peeling your eyes off the gorgeous-ness of this font.  According to the Calligraphy Lady website, their fonts are truly one-of-a-kind and you won’t find them anywhere else.  I could cry tears of joy just looking at them…

L Letterpress Machine from Lifestyle Crafts: Enter the source of my joy and happiness (or pain and anguish).  This is the L Letterpress Machine.  It could bring much joy to my life.  It could also bring much distress.  It all depends on how it works out.  I want one of these.  Badly.  I just can’t convince myself to spend the money.  ::hint, hint!::

Brown and Blue Letterpress: Here’s just another example of what letterpress can do for you.  With intricate fonts and an endless budget, you, too, can create invitations (and other paper products) that will “WOW!” your guests!

Foreign Language in Letterpress: Letterpress is beautiful in any language!!  I particularly love the detail and texture in the paper.  It adds to the overall elegance.

Antique Letterpress: Here’s is where it all started!  The antique letterpress is the original letterpress machine…of course, capable of much more intricacy and detail than the L Letterpress Machine.  Unfortunately, these babies sell for much  more than any Joe Schmo would be willing to spend!!

Letterpress Invitation Suite: This is the whole shebang put together.  According to Paper Chez, it runs about $15.00/invitation to do everything we’re doing…but for the bride we can afford it, I would highly recommend it!

Letterpress Invites: I absolutely love that you can see the detail – even from this far away!!

Okay…so now can you see why I’m so in love with letterpress?  It’s unbelievable.  Sure – many brides fret over things like floral arrangements, table settings, heck – even their dress.  But everything of those seems menial to me…  For me – it’s the invites…and all the paper products for that matter!  It has wholly and entirely consumed my life!!  And for that…I have Lifestyle Crafts and the internet to thank!