I have a problem.

I need help.

But I promise that I’m not the only bride struggling from what I liked to call Total Wedding Consumption Syndrome, or TWCS.  Answer the following questions to see if you’re a possible victim to TWCS:

  1. Do you sit around daydreaming about color schemes and napkin folds?
  2. Do you constantly look for other girls “left-hand bling”?
  3. If you answered “yes” to #2…when you find she is sporting the “left-hand bling”, do you think to yourself, “When did she get engaged?”  “What is her wedding theme?”  “When is her wedding?”

I am entirely way too consumed by this wedding.  Wait a minute.  Did I say “way too consumed”?  Not possible.

And no, I sincerely do not believe that it is possible to be too consumed.  But I did notice something very strange (and quite scary) yesterday while at the Colts game.

A girl was sitting a couple rows in front of us.  She was young – maybe mid- to late-20s – and had a beautiful wedding ring gracing the 3rd finger on the left hand.  The – dare I say it – man sitting next to him (he was actually less than a man…he was wearing a Tom Brady jersey…ugh!) had on a wedding ring on as well.  Okay, match made.  These two were together (and while I don’t know how a Colts fan could possibly marry a Patriots fan, that’s a different story for a different day!).

Anyway, as I was staring aimlessly at her wedding ring, the questions began to rise…

When did these two love birds marry?…What was their wedding like?…What flavor was their wedding cake?…What did her dress look like?…Who was their photographer?…Where did her dream wedding take place?…What is their history?

Is that creepy?  Thumbs up if it is…thumbs down if it isn’t… Good.  We’re all on the same page!

I absolutely love all things wedding.  And while it probably is getting on the absolute last nerve of my poor groom, I can’t stop it.

I love to think about what our programs will look like.

What our tables will look like.

What I’ll feel when I step into my dress and become a bride for the first time.

What will be going through my head as I’m walking down the aisle toward my groom.


Every detail.

It’s maddening to think that for the next 7ish months, I will be 150% consumed into this wedding.  Sure, I’ve been consumed in it for the past 11 months, but not like this.  Not with this pressure.  It’s on now!  And yes – I suffer from TWCS…and I will continue to wonder and ponder and think about other girls’ fairytale weddings.  Besides…why not daydream when this is what comes to my mind…


I mean come on!  How perfect is that?!  Love. It.!