A few weeks ago, we looked at floral arrangements – bouquet, boutonnieres, the whole 9 yards.  Well today, we’re going to look at centerpieces.  And of course, several of these are not possible for our ceremony – but I thought they were just splendid, and could totally work for another bride’s gorgeously thought-out wedding!

Inspiration 5

Three Candles with Flowers and Stones: The moment I saw this, I thought, “romance”.  Imagine some peonies in there?  I’m just super obsessed with the flowers in water.  It adds so much elegance.  Perhaps these wouldn’t be a centerpiece on the dinner table, but I could definitely see it working for the centerpiece of a cocktail table.  I can see it now…lights down low, candles slowly dancing, a bride and groom about to partake in their umpteen millionth kiss of the evening…ahhh…such a hopeless romantic I am!!  But really – what a fun and unique way to show off your romance?!  And I really can’t imagine these costing too ridiculously much!

Underwater Rose with Rose Petals and Mirror: Emily always said she wouldn’t do mirrors, petals, etc. for her centerpieces.  She was a very simple, elegant, not too much fuss, kind of bride.  Myself on the other hand – not so much.  I want people to think I slaved for days.  weeks.  years.  on our centerpieces.  Then again, nothing I do is very “simple”.  One look at my engagement ring and you’ll know that I’m more of the (dare I say it) gaudy type!  Anyway, in this particular photo, I love how the rose has bubbles around it.  Totally The Little Mermaid meets Beauty and the Beast.  And mirrors always hold a little elegance to them as well.  They allow you to see all around.  There’s something terribly romantic about them…I just can’t quite put my finger on it!

Ornate Candelabra: Are you kidding me?!  Do you see this thing?!  This…this…I can’t even say it!!  I would die for this to be in our wedding!!  It’s very Braveheart-ish, with a touch of style and grace.  Unfortunately, Miss Lorna only has certain candelabras  but really…who wouldn’t love this?!  I’d love to see it full of peonies or hydrangeas.  Anything, really.  It’s just too perfect.

Pink Flowers with Apples for a Vase:  There’s something about apples and weddings.  They’ve been quite popular lately…I truly feel like I see them everywhere!!!  Of course, pairing pink with them is an entirely new concept!!  But I love it!!  These vases are gorgeous and the floral arrangements reaches such amazing heights.  Truly a big fan!!!  How “wow’d” would you be if you walked into this wedding?!

Pretty in Pink Centerpiece: I thought this would be cute.  I can easily see it in an early spring wedding.  Maybe not as a full-fledged wedding centerpiece, but a touch of detail at the cake table or the gift table (although I’m highly against bringing gifts to the actual wedding).  Ooooooooohhhhh!!!  What if you could transform it into some kind of waterfall!!  Ooh, that would be top-notch!!

Tall Bamboo and Floral Centerpieces:  I don’t think I could get away with bamboo in Scotland, but this would be perfect for a beach themed wedding or something outside in the summer.  I love the mixture of flowers but how it stays consistant with the bamboo.  It’s way high up in my book!!

Paper Bags and Daffodils: I. Love. This.  Definitely does not fit with our wedding theme but I could totally see it as a bridal shower detail ::hint, hint:: or just a simple party for any occassion detail.  These could totally work for a bridal shower, though!  Could easily be the prizes for the guests.  Then they can take home the flowers and plant them in their own garden.  Perfect!  It practically plans itself!!

Red and White Flower “Balls”:  I thought these looked cool.  The vases they’re in are precious and they’re just cute and fun!  I don’t know if I’d do it for our wedding, but I’d like to have them around the house – you know, as just plain ol’ decor!?

More Pretty in Pink Centerpieces: Again with the flowers in water!!  How precious!  I also like that they are all different, but coordinate.  Do they make blue flowers in 3 different varieties that would look as perfect as these?!

I love inspiration!!  It gets those creative juices going and helps me to start thinking about details I haven’t even begun to look at.  So yes, for now, centerpieces are on my mind.

Revised 11/13 to add: No, Emily, you aren’t a “boring bride”.  From day one, you were going on about simplicity.  Everything.  Even before you were engaged.  You wanted a simple solitaire ring.  You wanted a simple fall wedding.  A simple elegant dress. Simple definitely found it’s way into the conversation every day.  That doesn’t make you “boring”, it makes you a “bride”.  Imagine if we all had the same wedding!  It’s just what you wanted – and I thought it was absolutely perfect!!!  I love you.