By a show of hands, how many of you struggled with finding the perfect wedding dress?  Several, right?  How many stores did you have to go to?  How many days, weeks – maybe even months – did it take?  One?  Two?  More than it possibly should?  Hm..good thing I didn’t have that problem.  Instead, I struggled with – you guessed it – the veil.

In January, I started looking at wedding dresses.  I knew we weren’t going shopping until May, but I wanted to be prepared.  Ask anyone who went and I think they’ll agree…I was a bit too prepared.  I wanted to be ready though because I was sure I wasn’t going to get that “this is it” feeling with the dress.  Emily says she had it.  Several of my sister’s friends said the same thing.  Me?  Nah!  I wasn’t that lucky.  So, on my “must-try-on” list, I had several styles – strapless, v-neck, ball gown, a-line, empire, mermaid, corset.  Everything.  I was going to be sure I tried on the whole store (make that four stores) before I said I found the “one”.

Flash forward to May.  Saturday was met with several top contenders.  Absolutely gorgeous dresses from every avenue and even some top contenders of different styles.  But by day 2, I had a style in mind.  I could have designed the dress I was looking for – and of course that made it much easier for the sales consultants that helped us.  Ever detail was decided on.  I knew the length.  I knew the sleeves (or lack thereof).  I knew the color.  I knew the material.  I even knew some things that people would think I’m weird for (I’ll spare you!).  After all that, you’d think it’d be simple-o to find a dress.  Well – yes and no.  I didn’t have that feeling until after I tried on my dress TWICE.  My sister knew.  My mom knew.  But me?  Not so much.  But when I slipped into that dress for time number two.  B.I.N.G.O.  I found it.  And I knew it!  It wasn’t on the dreaded “must-try-on” list, but it was perfect.  So there.  2 days flat and things were decided…

…or so I thought?!

All throughout dress shopping, I didn’t really look at veils.  I hadn’t thought much about veils.  I definitely knew I wanted one, I mean – after all – I live by the words: “The veil makes you a bride.  Without a veil, you’re just a girl in a white dress.”  I love the idea of a veil.  It’s what transforms a woman into a bride.  It’s what makes people know that you’re making a commitment this day to the man you love.

As I was trying on the dress for the final measurements, etc. before ordering, I was presented with some veils.  Again, I had no idea about length, etc., just knew I wanted one.  But – since I was so lucky that day already, I found one I loved!!

Flash forward again…two and a half months.  End of July.  I get the glorious call that my wedding dress has arrived.  ::Yess!!!!::  I went with Mom and it was P-E-R-F-E-C-T-O!  Unfortunately, I couldn’t see the whole shebang put together because my veil was custom-made and therefore was going to take longer to get in.  ::Bummer!!:: So I waited…

…and waited…

…and waited some more…

…and even more…

…then I gave up – I called the shop to see where the missing veil had gone.  Well I’ll be darned if it wasn’t there the whole time!!!  So I trot back over and pick up my newly prized possession.  Lesson learned #1: Try EVERYTHING on before you leave the shop!!!

It was the wrong veil.  And I didn’t try it on until I was home.  And then the tears began.  What?!  My wedding was starting to crumble right before my very eyes.  This was the unthinkable!  So of course, I did what any bridezilla would (and I promise you – I am by no means a bridezilla, but at this moment, I felt like the epitome of “bridezilla-ness”!!) and I called Mom.  Here’s how the conversation went…

“Hi Mom.  I have a question.  Would you be terribly upset with me if I told you that I wasn’t totally in love with my veil?”

Then I waited for the worst of it.  I knew she was going to have a cow!  We had just spent way too much on a piece of “mosquito netting” (as Neil puts it) and this was just the absolute last thing Mom wanted to hear!  So the conversation continued…

“Well, I want you to be happy and if that veil doesn’t make you happy, we can look for something else.”

As I heard that…this is what’s going through my mind…”WHAT?!  You’re not serious!!  I don’t believe you!”

But yup!  She was serious!!  She wanted me to be happy!  I immediately called the bridal shop and explained the whole fiasco!  They said they’d “see what they could do”.  Uggh, the dreaded words!!

Well, I looked around online at different styles and found what I thought I liked.  Of course, I had no idea the options!!

Veil Trends


Back at the bridal shop, I looked at their various styles.  I still loved the trim on my current veil, but they didn’t have the length I preferred in that trim style.  Utter frustration.  Until Laurel came to my rescue…

“We can custom order that veil for you with the trim style you line.”

Jaw dropping.  “But doesn’t that mean it’ll be like a bajillion dollars?!”

“No, since you already have one veil and we can’t return it, we’ll be willing to sell you this veil for our cost.”

WAHOOOO!!!  Let’s look at the math.  The new veil was going to be well over $400.  But, at their cost, it was significantly less – which means we got two veils for less than one veil would have cost at retail.  Talk about a real money-saver!!!

So yes, I got the veil I always dreamed of.  Yes, I had to do the real research on veils, but I found what I really wanted and it wasn’t just a quick decision like it was with the first veil.  This one, I’m sure I’ll be happy with.

Flash forward four months.  The veil is in.  Yes, I got the call last night!  You bet your little noggin’ that I’ll be running by Sophia’s tonight on my way home to pick up my newly new prized possession!  And I promise you that this time, I will be trying on the veil before I leave the boutique!!!