Have you ever wondered where the infamous “carrying the bride over the threshold of the doorway” came from?  Personally, I did.  It’s always been something I’ve dreaded.  My groom and I are about the same size…can you imagine him picking me up and carrying me over the threshold?!  Seems like it’d result in a broken back…

…or two.

Over the Threshold… (adopted by ScottishWeddingsMadeSimple.co.uk)

Well yes, this tradition is of Scottish decent – so far from what I can see.  Of course, with the history between the English and Scottish – it’s hard telling.  Anyway, traditionally – after the celebration was over, the new couple were led to their house where the groom…wishing to protect his new bride from the evil spirits that inhabit the thresholds of doors…would lift his new bride’s feet from the ground and carry her across her new threshold and into her new home. The priest would then bless the new home and would often bless the couple in their wedding bed before they would finally be alone together for the first time as husband and wife.

Kind of weird…and while I may be carried over the threshold, I doubt we’ll be having the minister come in a “bless us”.


Unfortunately, this may very well be how ours ends up!  You know men and their golf…….