My apologies for being such a sluggish update-r lately!  With 22 kindergartners, I’m sure you can understand!  Fortunately for me, that doesn’t mean life has stopped!  Neil and I have picked up 3 spinning classes a week (to ensure I am wedding dress-ready!!) and there’s a big change coming to the Barnes’ household this weekend (more on that later!!)  Wendy and I have been back and forth constantly lately and we’re in the middle of getting accommodations set.  I have had several requests for information, so hopefully by the end of this week, you all will have your answers!!

Another quick update…invitations!  After JoAnn left a bad taste in my mouth, I was less than excited to take on this project.  Sure, I’ve got the card table set up in the spare room and Emily and I have estimated roughly 38 invitations per month need to be produced to reach our goal.  But it’s just this doggone paper!!  It was so much nicer when I could just walk into a store and find exactly what I needed!!  Right there.  I could look at the paper.  Feel the paper.  Envision the paper.  Don’t know if you’ve noticed or not, but the internet isn’t so great at allowing you to feel and touch and work with real-life items!  Either way, I have resorted to the internet and have found several hopeful contenders.  Paper Source has been more than amazing and even offered to send me free samples (just had to pay shipping)!!  Let me tell you one thing, this bride loves the word F-R-E-E!!  Another life-saving paper company is Cards and Pockets.  Let me tell you about Cards and Pockets…they have anything and everything you could ever want!  Granted, their samples weren’t free – but they did offer free shipping…  So for a measly $3.50, I will be receiving several samples.  I am hoping that once they arrive, a final order can be placed and wedding invitation-palooza may commence.

So let’s jump back to accommodations here for a minute.  Talk about a headache…or maybe that’s the caffeine I’ve been banned from for the next two months – thanks, dear!  Anyway, we have room blocks at two different establishments and I really am hoping they will suffice for our guests accommodations.  My sister has already tentatively booked her accommodations and my Aunt has her’s set in stone.  Wendy is still in search of a more economical lodging option, but for now, The Scores and MacDonald Rusacks is where it’s at.  And while I cannot stress enough that rooms do not need to be booked right now (the room block is safe until March and May, respectively), it is so incredibly exciting to see people are already planning ahead!!  It makes it all so real!  Now is when the fun stuff begins!! 🙂  Speaking of…I’ve been looking into details.  Specifically ceremony details.  Any suggestions…please let me know – I’ve hit a road block!!!

beach details


This just in!!!  Yes, I know we don’t have a beach wedding – but how amazing would these be?  There are so many resources for beach brides – how come there aren’t any for Scotland brides?! 🙂  Help me think of a fun and unique wedding detail that could be incorporated…I promise to give you credit!  🙂

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