The Reception & Reel… (adopted by

I’m sure you all could guess what this is about…  Following the ceremony the entire wedding party would be piped (led by bagpipers) to a relative’s home for a lavish wedding reception or party.  Here the pipers would play lively up-beat tunes for hours on end and outdoor feasting and dancing and general merrymaking would begin and often last the entire night.  Traditionally the first dance of the night, customarily a reel, was led by the wedding couple, after which everyone joined in and the festivities went on non-stop.

Who would’ve thought?  A reception after a wedding?  Well, I’ve failed at finding the true beginnings of the wedding reception but I’ll tell you this much…we will be partaking in this tradition – TIMES TWO!  Neil and I are so incredibly blessed that we get the opportunity to have not one, but two wedding receptions!  But of course, with two wedding receptions, that means two times the planning…  Eek!

Another thing mentioned in the tradition: the reel.  Yes, Neil and I will have a first dance.  I am entirely aware that our guests will be few and far between, but who’s to say that just because there aren’t many people there, we can’t have a first dance?  It’s always been a dream of mine to dance with Neil on our wedding day – just as it’s been a dream of mine to dance with my father on my wedding day.  So yes, dancing will happen.  And while the festivities may not be non-stop, per say, they will continue…for a little while at least!!  🙂

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Speaking of first dances….I wouldn’t mind partaking in this first dance tradition!!