I told you from the start that some Scottish traditions weren’t that exciting…and this would be just that.  Fortunately – I have some fun wedding news to share with you, as well, so you’re gettin’ all kinds of fun stuff!! 🙂

Village Procession… (adopted from WorldWeddingTraditions.com)

For today’s tradition, we’re going to look at the village procession!  Here’s what WorldWeddingTraditions.com has to say about the village procession: “On the day of the wedding, virtually the entire village would turn out to form a procession leading the happy couple to the church, where two wedding services were traditionally held.  The first service was held just outside the doors of the church where the priest would marry the couple in the Scottish language.  Once the Scottish ceremony was finished, the priest would lead the entire procession into the church where the ceremony would be performed once more, only this time in Latin.”

I don’t know about you, but I think it would be just superb to have two ceremonies!!  In fact, I know of a preciously gorgeous bride who had two ceremonies…and it kind of reminds me of this tradition!!  My darling sister had a ceremony that legally married her and Paul that was spoken in Italian, then the more traditional ceremony in English the following day – a little different, but envious just the same.

And while Neil and I won’t be having two ceremonies, despite what this tradition says, we will be having two receptions so I’m okay with that!!……So I’ve been searching up and down for a photo to include with this post – one that has at least somewhat of a tie to the theme of the village procession and I’m coming up empty handed.  Bummer…  Let me do some more searching…I’m sure to find you something fun and exciting…

Okay…jackpot!  With a village processional, there’s gotta be a village recessional, right?  Right!  (Agree with me! 🙂 )  I’m not typically a fan of throwing things as the bride and groom exit, but I have found that it makes for some pretty amazing photographs.  But check this out…

Lavender bags


Those fun little linen bags contain LAVENDER!!  Who would’ve thought!!  What a fun idea to have thrown…and I bet it smelled divine!!  And what does the little bag say, you might ask?!  “Once in a lifetime, you meet someone who changes everything”…ahh, to die for!!  And it’s so much more unique and memorable than the typical bubbles!!  So as your village is recessing, hand them a little bag of lavender and wait to be showered as you exit as man & wife!

Aaaannnddd…speaking of fun wedding stuff…our rehearsal dinner location has been confirmed!!!  The Oak Rooms at Ogston’s on North Street is the site and I couldn’t be more excited!!  We have heard from quite a reputable source that the staff at Ogston’s is super nice and that the restaurant and just darling!  I c-a-n-n-o-t wait to get to Scotland to check everything out!!  The pictures online are fabulous and I know it’s going to be just perfect!!