I started the Inspiration of the Week last Friday, and to be honest, I wasn’t sure how well I was going to be able to keep up with it.  Inspiration boards aren’t the easiest things to put together.  Don’t get me wrong, I have more inspiration in my archives than I know what to do with, but actually putting them together requires time and talent.   In searching for even more inspiration, I’ve been searching several different blogs and websites – and each are providing me with more information than the Wedding Channel or The Knot could ever give!  So, at least for the time being, I’ve decided to go with an Inspiration of the Week to actually be every week…and it will be every Thursday.  I figure inspiration is good for anything – so having it on Thursday will give us all inspiration to get through the next two days for the WEEKEND!  If you haven’t figured out, I live for the weekends!!  It’s the only time I’m not on a set schedule…and I get to hang out with my groom and my two babies…what could possibly be better?!  So yes, you’ll have the opportunity to view the Inspiration of the Week every Thursday, right here in your most favorite landing spot on the World Wide Web.

Inspiration 2

Sorry, Emily, I didn’t number the pictures, but get over it and follow along!!!  So, let’s start in the top left corner.

  • Bridesmaid dress: I know you’ve already seen this dress, but I just couldn’t help but add it in again!  It’s so elegant and classic and I just can’t wait to see it with everything all put together.  I know my sister is going to be nothing less than absolutely stunning.  I can’t help but always keep my little eyes on this dress!!  I truly love it!
  • Candles: I know this looks a little tropical, but I am thinking that we could use this idea and change it up a bit to fit more with out elegant theme.  Throughout this entire wedding, you’ll notice a very distinct high-class elegance theme that will be portrayed in every aspect of the wedding – from the venue to the attire to the flowers and invites – I hope to add a bit of class to everything in our wedding.  I love the idea of a cluster of candles and I think they will look perfect in the Tom Kidd room on the cocktail tables.  Especially if we add a little plate underneath and some flower petals all around.  I can’t wait!!
  • Bouquet (1): So I found this gorgeous little bouquet on tying the knot (seems that I find a lot of inspiration from her site!) and just couldn’t pass it up!!  I know last week I included a bouquet that I’ve been in love with since almost the beginning of time, and in the past couple weeks, I have been struggling with the whole bouquet thing.  I really can’t decide if I want an all white bouquet, like above, or if I want something that will pop and add some color to the photographs.  It’s  been a tough battle for me – and I still haven’t decided…
  • True Candelabra: Here’s the picture I have been looking for!!  I have a feeling these are the types of candelabras we will be faced with at The Old Course Hotel…and that’s perfectly fine with me!  There is a certain kind of elegance with the flowers and candles and how they work together.  I do think I’ll see if Lorna can create some type of arrangement with flowers hanging down to add a more flowy feel to them rather than the perfect little round arrangements.  Either way – I love the candelabras and I am so excited to use them in our reception!!
  • Cake: Emily and I saw this cake on TheWeddingChannel.com and fell in love.  In a few pictures, you’ll see the damask fabric I love and I think if we can get this mimicked on the cake, I’ll be in love 100%!  I’m not sure that we would do as much detail as this cake entails, but having the touch of damask with some floral arrangements would be perfecto!
  • Menu Cards: For our reception in Scotland, we’ll definitely have to have menu cards of some sort.  I still need to touch base with Wendy on this – and that may not happen for a few more months still – but I would love to have the gold chargers with a deep blue napkin folded as such.  I would then create our menu cards and place them inside the napkin.  I also love the little touch of flowers included in the napkin.  I’d love to get some kind of berry or something to add to the napkin!  Also, because our wedding is taking place in like 52 different places, I may also include an information card with the menu card that gives our guests a timeline for the wedding such as “After dinner we will convene in the Tom Kidd room for cake and dancing.  The Road Hole Bar will also be available for your use throughout the night.”  Something along those lines…who knows!!
  • Damask: Love. Love. Love.  This is where my acceptance to the color change began.  I went on a shopping spree at Pier 1 for some house stuff.  For the longest time, Neil and I were using a dining room chair for our computer chair, thus leaving us with only three dining room chairs.  Bummer.  So, one afternoon I went to Pier 1 and found a lovely Asian-antique looking chair.  The chair was a little stiff, so I decided to grab a chair cushion as well.  That’s when I found it.  The most spectacular chair cushion known to man!  Call me strange, but it was true inspiration!  I carried that cushion around with me for awhile!!  Yes – I’m that weird!  That’s when I decided to have the discussion with Neil about our colors, and of course he agreed!!  It’s so lovely and it will definitely be incorporated into the wedding…in several aspects!  You just wait and see!
  • Bouquet (2): Are these not the most divine flowers you have ever laid your eyes on?  Remember up a bit when I said “…and I still haven’t decided…”??  Well, the decision has been made.  This photo is from a wedding Fiona shot in Spain.  I was looking through her blog getting excited for what is to come when I laid my eyes on this delightful bouquet.  I love how soft and perfect it is.  I have been told that Lorna is quite the florist, so we’ll put her to the ultimate test because I would love nothing more than to clutch this angelic bouquet on the day I marry my best friend.  The peonies are so elegant, and pairing them with the tiny little flowers are beyond amazing.  I have been Googling peonies all night and I really think they are it.  How can you not love them?!  They’re perfect!
  • Hair (x2): I included two hair pictures, both from the same source, Olry Photography.  I love this brides hair.  It’s so simple and elegant and the flowers really make it pop.  I don’t think I’d have the pieces hanging down in front as it frames my particular face quite oddly, but it works for this bride and it is sheer and timeless elegance.  I love the soft curls and how it is so loosely created but stylish and perfect at the same time.  I have what seems like a bajillion photos of hair in my files and I think what will end up happening is a big collaboration of all the different styles I have!  What do you think?!
  • Earrings: So I’ve been trying to drop the hint to anyone who will listen of what I want for Christmas.  These earrings are it.  I love the elegance and how they look so 1940s moviestar-esque.  I would love nothing more than to don these earrings on the big day.
  • Shoes: Now we all know that I can’t wear these heels, but I would love them for Amy!  They’re simple, but fun and I think they would compliment the dress quite nicely.  Of course, I will let Amy decide on her shoes, but they fit perfectly into this week’s inspiration and I just love them!  If I could wear them…I would!!!  Hey!  A girl can dream!!

Ahh…isn’t inspiration so inspiring?!  I was so excited for this week’s inspiration board – if you couldn’t tell?!  I found so many things this week that I really, truly believe will be incorporated into our big day.  Man!!  I just can’t get over that second bouquet!!  It’s perfect – and oooh if you could see the rest of the wedding!!  It truly was a wedding every bride dreams of!!