As you may know, Mom, Amy, and myself went dress shopping on Mother’s Day.  I found a dress, but my sister – her’s was still waiting in outer space, having yet to be found.  Of course, we had more than a year to go at that point, so no big deal!  I didn’t press the issue.  I let her find the dress in her time.  Besides, when you only have one bridesmaid to fit, it makes it pretty easy!

Anyway, Amy informed me in about June that Loretta Bridal Boutique in Florida was having a huge Trunk Show in October.  Ugh!  October?!  That was forever away…or at least I thought!  Well – the Trunk Show has come and the Trunk Show has gone, and yes, we have a winner!  Now, you may remember a few weeks ago when I mentioned having a change…well, the change is now set in stone!  Our original colors for this here shindig was a slate blue and pure white.  I’ve mentioned it several times, but blue – in any form – was the absolute last color I ever imagined would be in my wedding!  I don’t know – I just never imagined having blue in my wedding!  Especially a spring/summer wedding!!  Well, my beloved has convinced me otherwise, which is why we have now shifted to a more classical color combination.  Throughout this wedding, you will now be graced with a combination of deep blue, pearl, and gold.  And while some of you may be thinking to yourselves, “Hey!  That’s Notre Dame!”, just stop it now!  If that was his ulterior motive, fine – it’s his conscious he has to deal with – but I don’t think that’s the case!!!  It’s such a beautiful combination and I really think when everything is all put together, it will be more than amazing!

Now, back to my original reason for the posting – Amy has a dress!!  She spent a few hours at Loretta Bridal Boutique with Mom this morning and called me when they had four possible contenders.  FOUR! That is very unlike my sister!  Either way, she finally made a decision and I couldn’t be more happy!  The dress is phenomenal and it looks beyond amazing on my sister!!  Ooh, enough talking about it – here it is!!:

Jasmine Bridal B2034 Cayman Blue


Isn’t it lovely?  It’s so classic and beautiful.  Pair that with some pearls and talk about G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S!!  I can’t wait to see the final product (of the entire wedding, that is!).  I looked at this picture next to a picture of my dress and it looks absolutely stunning.  Finally – details are being completed.  It’s starting to feel real!  My sister has a dress.  I have a dress.  Our color combination is set in stone.  Details are being planned.  Ahh!   I am ONE. HAPPY. BRIDE.