It’s so weird to think, but we’re eight months from being husband and wife! When I think about it – eight months ago was February 10th, and honestly, it doesn’t seem that long ago!  Of course, I was still in my undergraduate, but Neil had already started his career at Cummins.  Work with Rick Campbell had already commenced – although it was only in the early, early stages.  In February, the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the underdog Arizona Cardinals (although, I would’ve been happy either way… 🙂 EJ!).  In February, Emily and Eric were SEVEN months from being man and wife…and now they’re an old married couple!  How crazy to think!  It’s approaching so quickly!!  So…onto the checklist!! 🙂

  • Contact newspapers to announce your engagement.
  • Decide on and meet with your officiant to discuss ceremony structure and any religious requirements (such as counseling).
    • Well, we’ve taken a bit of a step back on this one.  If you remember from a few weeks ago, I called our Reverend and found that he is ill and will not be able to take our ceremony next June.  Wendy has been in cahoots with several ministers in the Fife area, unfortunately none of them are willing to take our ceremony, for one reason or another.  She has mentioned that she has someone who will take it, but he’s not local, so she wants to keep searching for someone local.  In the meantime, Neil and I did get some counseling set up.  Unfortunately, the Pastor we’ve been with for nearly 16 years is unable to counsel us, but we did find out that Amy’s gracious pastor at Mayflower is willing to counsel us this Christmas when we are down there.  Of course, in the United Church of Christ, it isn’t required to be counseled, but Neil and I have decided together that we both would like counseling, not because we are reconsidering our engagement, but because we know there are things that we haven’t considered in our relationship, and we’ve heard from too many people how important it is to have counseling.  Plus, it’s just smart to have that sounding board there to discuss things.
  • Register for your wedding gifts, and don’t forget to include some appropriate for your upcoming bridal shower or engagement party as well.
    • Check and Mark!  As you may remember, we spent an entire weekend registering for gifts, but I think we were successful!
    • And just because I think it’s the coolest thing ever, check this out…we registered for it, but I might just go buy it anyway!!  Totally unnecessary, but cute nonetheless!!

    Simply Strawberriessource

    • It’s a strawberry colander, slicer, and scoop!!!   Get. Out.!!!
  • Set aside blocks of hotel rooms for out-of-town guests.
    • Well, seeing as we’ll all be out-of-town guests, I have given Wendy the task of finding out which hotels will give us a better rate for booking rooms.  I know she’s been way too busy with her other brides, but hopefully we’ll get a response this week.  But before the end of the month, I hope to have this checked off the list!
  • Brides: Decide on the bridesmaid dresses.
    • THIS WEEKEND is the coveted Trunk Show at Loretta Bridal.  I am hoping that my sister can find something she loves, if not it’s back to the drawing board!  She’s taking Mom, so that might help her along in making a decision!!  All I have to say is this…good thing we only have one bridesmaid!!  If it’s this tough finding a dress for one…imagine trying to find a dress for several!!!
  • Book a baker, choose your wedding cake design, and send a deposit.
    • Now, Wendy has been quite consistent with the idea of waiting until a couple months before the wedding before making decisions like this (and flowers), but it might not be a bad idea.  Wendy already has a baker lined up in Scotland, and Neil and I have an idea of where we want to go in Indy.  In fact, Neil is very excited about the cake tasting!!  In his words: “I want raspberry!!”  And that, my friends, is why I love him!! 🙂
  • Purchase and send guests save-the-dates if you celebration is over a holiday weekend or at a faraway locale.
    • This we haven’t quite decided on yet.  The idea of sending a save-the-date is smart, but we’re stuck.  Should we send it just for the Indy reception, or for both, or what?!  I’m thinking because the reception is on a Sunday in the summer, it might be smart to send it for that.  Ooh, who knows what we’ll do!!  Then again – we did send the preliminary invites back forever go, so does that count as a save-the-date?!  See?  C-O-N-F-U-S-I-O-N!  Sheer and utter CONFUSION!!
  • Brides: Collect necessary measurements from attendants or pass along vendor information so that they can order the dresses themselves.
    • So as stated before, a dress hasn’t even been decided, but getting my attendants measurements won’t be tough.  In fact, since she’s doing the shopping, there’s no getting of measurements that needs to be done!  Man!  It’s easy being a bride!!! 😉

So there you have it, with only eight months left, we’re making quite the progress!!  Have I mentioned lately how much I can’t wait to be Mrs. Barnes!!!!!!!!

P.S. How much do you love the new header?!  Personally, I love it mucho!!!