So, another segment I have decided to implement into this little journal is the “Inspiration of the Week” portion.  Now that things are finally getting closer (I feel it’s within reach now!!) I’m starting to do more research as far as what we’re wanting for the big day!!  I spoke with Wendy last week about decor and what we want and what is possible.  Of course, since I can’t visit our venue every two weeks (ahhhem…) I have to just go with what is seen online and what Wendy knows.  I have some ideas of what we want, and that is why, my friends, I present you with the first inspiration board…the first of many (maybe…this thing was a pain to put together!!).

Inspiration 1

So let’s look at it and break it down…I’ll give you my thoughts on each and every image…and you tell me what you think!! 🙂

  • Flowers: I saw this image on eons ago and I absolutely fell in love!!!  I know the colors aren’t blue, but I just love the all the different flowers and how it’s all so random but so perfect.  It’s perfect for a spring/summer wedding (because, yes, technically – we have a SPRING wedding! ::gasp:: I know!)  Anyway, Wendy has warned me that I shouldn’t pick flowers until about a month or two out, but how can you resist these?!  They’re amazing – and I love them!!
  • Makeup: I saw this beautiful picture on tying the knot and fell in love.  It’s so simple and fresh.  It makes me smile! 🙂  I have been searching up and down the internet for something that resembles what I’d want for our wedding – and I definitely saw how difficult it was to go in empty handed.  At Emily’s wedding, I went in just saying “simple and clean”, and of course Emily had the last say.  Well, after the first go through, we had to make changes.  It’s just so hard to explain what you want to someone you’ve never met…so this picture will DEFINITELY come with me to Scotland! 🙂
  • Centerpiece: At the reception site, it’s been confirmed that we’ll have tall candelabras.  And I know this picture isn’t a candelabra, but I love all the flowers at the top.  They’re roses (ehh…), but we can change that up real quick!  I love love love flowers, so I’m hoping to mimic this (with a few changes) at our reception.
  • Wedding Logo: I love wedding logos.  It adds to much personality to the wedding and it can be repeated all throughout the wedding.  If you haven’t yet noticed, Dave Matthews Band is a pretty big deal to both Neil and I (hence the “Celebrate, We Will…”).  I created this logo…I know it’s tough to see…and I hope to use it throughout the wedding to produce a theme.  🙂
  • Aisle: Lesson learned!!  I knew from the start that I didn’t want an aisle runner…and about a month ago, that went from not wanting one to absolutely, positively, NOT having one!!!  Poor Emily was forced… (love you, Therese), to have an aisle runner.  Oooh what a disaster!!  By the time the wedding party was walking back down the aisle after the wedding, it was a mess and we were trying not to walk on the runner!  I’m surprised someone didn’t trip and fall!!  Anyway, I have been asking Wendy for some ceremony inspiration since we’re not actually in a church and we want it to actually look like a wedding – like some thought actually went into it!  And then I found this picture!!!  I know we won’t have many rows of chairs, but I would love to have blue flowers on the aisle and I love love love the petals as an aisle runner.  No tripping.  No messing.  Just pure beauty!!  I love it!  Hopefully there aren’t restrictions on loose petals in Scotland, if so – looks like little Wendy will be quite the busy bee!! (Sorry!!)
  • Invitations: Neil and I were browsing through invitations a few weeks ago and came across this one.  And now for the big news…this may be our change!!!  Depending on the dress my sister finds (which is still up in the air), we may be moving to more of a dark blue.  Not navy, but dark and glorious…like this invitation!!  Then, the accent colors would be pearl and gold.  I love it!!
  • Reception Site: This is our dinner room.  I love it and just had to include a picture of it!!  It makes me smile.  I love the big windows that look out onto the course, I love it all!!
  • Hair: I used this picture to kind of let the stylist at Emily’s wedding know what I want.  Fortunately, unlike the makeup, I was EXTREMELY prepared for how I wanted my hair at her wedding.  I had a plethora of photos depicting different aspects of the style I wanted.  My stylist was quite successful!!  I got sooo many compliments on my hair that I’ve decided I might want it kind of like that for my own wedding!!  I love the glamour and elegance of the updo (more than I ever thought I would) and this picture depicts it perfectly.  Simple.  Elegant.  Gorgeous.
  • Cake: Now, I must say, I have several cake inspiration saved in my file, but most of them are huge!  Of course, for our little ceremony in Scotland, we still want a cake!  That’s when I found this!!  It’s from a friend from high school’s wedding.  Obviously, ours won’t be beach themed, but just the size and how it’s kind of got a pearl tint to it – I love it!  I would love to add a floral arrangement or maybe some ribbon…who knows!!

Well, there’s my inspiration for the week!!  Tomorrow marks the big EIGHT MONTHS TO GO!!  I can’t believe it’s finally getting so close!!   I’ll be back tomorrow to update you on our progress!!

P.S. 243 days, 10 hours, 18 minutes, and 23 seconds to go!! 🙂