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Just a little note from our home to yours to wish you a happy, happy, Halloween!!




My sincerest apologies for last week being so “blah”.  I have several excuses, but I’ll save them as I’m sure you don’t want to hear it!!

Flowers have majorly been on my mind lately.  There are so many to choose from and it is so hard to figure out which ones are in season when and how they can be used.  For instance, I had no idea that peonies and hydrangeas couldn’t be used for a boutonniere!  Anyway, I’ve been emailing back and forth with Lorna (our florist) for a couple days now and I’m starting to get more of an idea for what we’re going to have available to us and what we won’t.  So let’s take a look…

Inspiration 4

  • Rose and Thistle Boutonniere:  I’m not a huge rose fan.  Don’t ask why because I’m not sure I could give you an answer.  I’m just not.  Perhaps it’s because they’re generic – like carnations – I don’t know.  I understand they are romantic and the image of a man coming home with a dozen roses just tickles the fancy of most women, but that’s just not me.  On the other hand, it’s one of the few flowers that is available to be worn as a boutonniere…boo.  And the thistle – while I feel it looks too Christmas-y, it is one of the very few (and by few, I mean “like the only”!!) blue flowers that can be incorporated into a boutonniere.  Now…with all that said – I kind of like it.  I have been back and forth with the boutonnieres for a while now, but the whole combination makes me smile…and perhaps the white rose is what does it.  Yes, it’s a rose, but it’s not red or something generic like that…it’s a beautiful and dainty white.  If all else fails, expect to see these next June!!
  • Calla Lily and Rose Boutonniere: I left the rose boutonniere on there just for comparison sake, but another boutonniere flower I have been juggling is the calla lily.  For the longest time (and by longest time, I mean like my whole life growing up), I thought I’d be carrying calla lilies on my wedding day.  Now, that trend has made a bit of a downward slope in recent years, but I still think they’re glorious flowers, and their ability to be used as a boutonniere makes them that much more appealing.  What do you think?!
  • Delphinium: What do you think of these?  They’re so unique and I think they would add just the right amount of pop to our floral arrangements.  I’m not 100% sure what they can be used for, but I think it’d be neat if we could get them to dangle from the candelabras.  I love when there are pieces hanging down…adds so much elegance!
  • Orchid Boutonniere: Seeing a trend here?!  I’d love to think that my bouquet and the staple flower for the whole wedding is set in stone, but it’s just those doggone boutonnieres that keep getting me.  Lorna mentioned being able to use orchids – and when I Googled it, I love the result.  Orchids are a simple flower, and I think they would go well with our whole theme!
  • Peony Bouquet: I just can’t get away from it.  I’ve sent this picture to Lorna and Wendy.  It blows me away.  I simply cannot describe what I think I’d feel like if I were clutching this on my wedding day.  The romance of them kills me…I would just love to be showered with them as I leave the ceremony…okay…that’s a bit much! 🙂
  • Lily of the Valley and Freesia Bouquet:  Lorna sent this bouquet to me as an alternate for the peony bouquet…and I think I would be totally okay with it.  I have pretty much told her that this would be choice number 2.  It’s very whimsical and romantic and I just adore the little lilies of the valley.  They remind me of little church bells…or a cute little girl with curly, flipped-up hair!  Just so darling!
  • Candelabras: If you look in the far back, you can see against the white background the greenery that is hanging down from the candelabra.  I love that.  I know the colors aren’t our wedding, but how romantic would it be to fill the Conservatory with these little candelabras with white peonies, blue hydrangeas, greenery, and candles?  I would be in heaven…

And in other wedding news, I have received word from Wendy that hotels should start being booked.  With the 2010 Open being only one month after our wedding, rooms are booking fast and rates and hiking up.  I’ve sent out a mass email to most of our wedding guests that will be in attendance and have received a couple responses.  So far, one part of the group is pretty much set in stone…only about eight more!  Wonderful!!

Neil and I have also decided to take on the daunting task of creating our own wedding invitations.  This isn’t something we originally planned on doing – in fact, I was hoping for no DIY at all – but after looking at the (ridiculous) prices for wedding invitations, we decided this was the better route.  And honestly, after a few rough drafts and much collaboration with Mrs. Emily, they’re turning out quite nice!  There are still a few tweaks as I am upset (read: livid, furious, maddened, resentful, and every other word in the thesaurus for upset) with JoAnn Fabrics.  Therefore, paper choices will be different than the original – but in the end, I’m assuming much cheaper…which will free up our budget for other things that can’t exactly go the DIY route!!  Anyway, the card table has been set out.  The guest room is a disaster.  My mind is a mess.  Yep, sounds about right for a DIY task of 150 invitations (not to mention the programs, menu cards, and million other things we’ll eventually decide to coordinate with the invitations…oh no, what mess have I gotten us into?!)!!!

So because I have been just miserably sick with a nasty little cold, I decided to choose a less-than-exciting tradition!!

The Exchange of Rings… (adopted from and

According to, the exchange of rings occurred between the bride and groom at the end of the ceremony.  The ring is circular, with no beginning and no end, thus being the symbol of never-ending love.  Then the couple would kiss their wedding kiss in front of all their assembled witnesses.

And because I know that I can’t just leave you with that, I decided to do some more digging.  Where exactly does the tradition of wedding rings originate?  Well, this is where my research began. (wedding coordinators in Put-In-Bay) provides a quite comprehensive blurb regarding wedding rings, including this:

According to some historians, the first recorded marriage rings date back to the days when early man tied plaited circlets around a Bride’s wrists and ankles to keep her spirit from running away.  Approximately 3,000 BC, Egyptians originated the phrase, “without beginning, without end” in describing the significance of the wedding ring.  Three rings were made of woven hemp which constantly wore out and replacement.  Although Romans originally used iron, gold is now used as a symbol of all that is pure.  Diamonds were first used by Italians who believed it was created from the flames of love.  In some European cultures, the wedding ring is worn on the right hand.  In other cultures, the engagement ring is worn on the left hand and the wedding ring is worn on the right hand.

All of this I find very interesting…but of course, both my engagement and wedding rings will be worn on the left hand…because in this culture, that’s how we do it!! 🙂

So yes, Neil and I will be participating in the tradition of the exchanging of rings…now, if only I could get a ring shot like this…

Emily Ringsource

…I would be in absolute seventh heaven!!

Happy Birthday, Mommy!!!  I’m so glad you’re finally home!  I’ve missed you!!  You’re the best Mom anyone could ask for – I’m so glad to call you mine!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!  I love you!!!

So perhaps I’ve bitten off more than I can chew by promising an inspiration board each week!!!  This week started full-time student teaching for me and I have been more than way busy with that – not to mention we had several meetings this week, which led to decreased time for lesson planning and ultimately, no inspiration searching!!!

Now don’t be discouraged.  A promise is a promise, and even if it’s not everything and more you’ve expected, it’s something!  And hey!, you can’t complain…at least I’m trying!!

As you may remember, Neil and I began our wedding registry about a month ago.  I was so excited to finally get this going – and fortunately, so was the Mr.!!  We stuck pretty firmly to the “suggested items” list, but of course we added a few and subtracted a few – I mean, really, who needs a Quiche pan?!  Can’t one of the other 52 pans they suggest you register for substitute as a Quiche pan for the 1 time a century you make a Quiche….or in our case, the never time a century we make a quiche?!  There were things on the suggested registry that we did in fact register for, although it’s unknown if we’ll use it immediately – but they are just those things that are nice to have on hand.  For instance, we registered for entertainment-ware.  Sure, we don’t entertain often, but it’s something we’re hoping to do more often in the future.

With that said…

…I’ve designed a Registry Inspiration Board, and I hope this helps other brides to be inspired to register for entertainment-ware.  Sure – it’s not the typical pots, pans, flatware, and shower caddies – but it’s so incredibly handy!  For instance, a few weekends ago we had a housewarming party and I sincerely ran out of large bowls that didn’t look like mixing bowls…it was difficult and it really helped us to design our registry around what we needed.  Granted, we may not use it every weekend, but it’ll definitely come in handy when we least expect it!

Inspiration 3

  • Wine Cooler: While entirely unnecessary, it is fun and if you have the money…why not?!  It holds several bottles and keeps it out of sunlight and perfectly cooled to the correct temperature!
  • Dip Dishes: These fun and stylish dip dishes from Hampton Forge will keep your dips separated and together…all at once.  They are great for any occasion and can provide your guests with several different choices at your great little gathering.  This is definitely one thing we needed a few weekends ago!!  Let me tell you, pink cereal bowls just weren’t cutting it!!
  • Napkin Rings: For your viewing pleasure, I have provided you will three different choices for napkin rings.  The rings Neil and I have are similar to the brown ones.  They way functional and perfect for a casual dinner or a more upscale occasion.  The great thing about napkin rings is that they are customizable for different holidays!!  So instead of keeping the same-ol’ rings for every dinner, spice things up a bit for a fall-themed party or the Halloween bash of the century!!  The perfect thing about the Halloween ones…you can make them yourselves!!!  And there are several other DIY napkin rings online – the possibilities are endless!
  • Storage Boxes: The perfect thing about these?!  They are fun and stylish…and they can store odds-n-ends that just don’t have a home as your guests are quickly approaching the front door.  These particular boxes are from Nordstrom and will just cost you $14 each for a luxurious silk box!!
  • Drinkware: I’m fairly confident that every bride out there has registered for drinkware…but is it really a party if you’re using your everyday drinkware?!  Pick up these super fun drinkware collections from Neiman Marcus for $27 for a pack of four!!  Talk about a steal!!!
  • Pitcher: This is from our own personal registry!  I love love love this collection of crystal and had to include it in the board!!  It’s a simple pitcher, but the see-thru crystal will allow any fun concoction sparkle through.  Even if we don’t get it from a guest…I’ll be sure to pick it up myself!! 🙂
  • Candle Holders: What a great conversation piece!!  These spectacular Vera Wang Candleholders can easily be incorporated into any wedding decor and will add a touch of class to your home.  Pair them with a stylish candle and you’re sure to have several compliments!  Not to mention…who doesn’t love Vera Wang?!
  • Linen Coaster: Along the same lines as the drinkware…what fun is it to use everyday coasters when you can pick up these perfectly stylish coasters for $55 from Bloomingdales!?  Don’t get me wrong, I love the coasters I picked up several years ago – but when I can have these fun coasters for a casual get-together, why not?!

To wrap things up, I have to reiterate that we loved registering for our gifts!!  And while I know we way over-registered, it was still fun and it provides a nice little shopping list for Neil and I everytime we stop into our chosen stores!!

So in the famous words of…someone, I’m sure…

Eat Drink & Be Marriedsource

A Scottish Blessing

A thousand welcomes to you with your marriage. May you be healthy all your days. May you be blessed with long life and peace, may you grow old with goodness, and with riches.