So, yes, it’s 12:44am and I am still up.  Please – I do not know why.  At 8:30pm, Neil and I decided to finish up our registry!  Simple stuff, right?  Think about it!  We were in-and-out of JCPenney – registry in hand – in 30 minutes flat!  Well, apparently that was record timing because tonight is an entirely different story!!

So like I was saying, at 8:30pm, Neil and I decided to finish our registry.  We went to Bed Bath & Beyond and told them we needed a power gun so we could be on our way.  Well, Bed Bath & Beyond is a bit more formalized than JCPenney and so it took a while for us to get started, but that didn’t matter because it still took us ages to navigate the whole store!!  And at 10:39pm, Neil and I were finally on our way out…not because we were finished, because we QUIT!  Flat out Q-U-I-T!  Not only were we so overwhelmed with everything – and I know we missed like 52 things – but we hadn’t eaten dinner and Taco Bell was calling our name!!

Back to registering, it really is a lot of fun – and even though we walked through the kitchen stuff about ten times, I am satisfied with our selections and am actually really excited about some of our stuff – oh wow, listen to me!  Excited about kitchen stuff!  Well, can you blame me?!  I have this fun new house to cook in!  So yes, I’m excited!!  There are still a few things I think we need to try to find and get on the registry but for now – and especially since I’ve been working on it since we got home at 11:00pm – it’s bed time and the registry can wait!!!  Besides, our Dude’s need their midnight snack! 🙂

262 days, 22 hours, 59 minutes, 20 seconds until I’m a MRS.!!!

P.S. Sorry, but how bad does it stink to be Emily & Eric right now!!  After basking in beautiful weather, wading in teal-blue seas, and sipping on fruity drinks, they’ll find themselves back to the daily grind tomorrow afternoon!!  Can you imagine leaving this?!?!

St. Maarten


Em & Eric – I hope your honeymoon was fantastic, as I’m sure it was!  But now, it’s time for the fun part…real life wedded bliss!!  Love you! 🙂