As a pull from Mr. & Mrs. Davis’ blog, yes – WE’RE FAMOUS, TOO!!!  And yes – when you receive your copy of the Daily Journal tomorrow morning…the Mr. and I will be happy to sign it!! 🙂

I absolutely couldn’t help myself…while Neil and his brother were watching the Indy Car race in Motegi, Japan, I decided to check out  Of course, I wasn’t expecting anything, but you know – just in case, I wanted to see!!  And boy, was I surprised!!!

Monday afternoon, the kind lady at the Journal left me a voicemail that our announcement would be posted, and of course, I was totally excited!!  I was telling everyone I knew to watch out for it!!  Unfortunately though, neither Neil nor I receive the newspaper, so we’ll have to grab our copy elsewhere!  😦

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that’s right!!  We’re famous…and tomorrow, we’ll be even more famous as this beautiful newspaper article hits stands everywhere!!  So finally, boys and girls, we can OFFICIALLY check this off our list!!

Engagement Announcementsource

But wait…THERE’S MORE!!  There should also be an announcement posting in the Hendricks County Flyer and The Indianapolis Star!!  Yes – we’ll be famous TIMES THREE!!!  (Take THAT Mrs. Emily!!!)  And while Emily assumed that she didn’t really need a newspaper announcement because, well duh!, everyone already knew, Neil and I don’t want to leave anything to chance.  We’re going to make sure that everyone knows – even those who couldn’t care less!!  We’re just trying to cover our bases, here!!

I’m so excited that things for our wedding are finally shaping up.  I’ve said it once before and it still hasn’t gotten better – Neil thinks we still have forever – but it’s starting to become more and more of a reality that it’s quickly approaching!  Which means I’ve begun looking into details for the wedding such as decor, etc.  I even made a trip to JoAnn today to look at some fabrics – but I’ve promised myself not to purchase anything until a few more things are set in stone…that way, there’s no turning back!  But like I said – you’ll find that stuff out later!! 😉