So we switched things up a bit!!  Oh well – we’re known for that!

Tonight, we had plans to either have a nice home cooked meal with Mama & Papa Arnold or go out to eat with the Barnes’, instead, we opted for a date night!!  Just the two of us! 🙂  After a gorgeously romantic dining experience at the Chili’s bar (we didn’t want to wait!!) we headed to JCPenney to begin our wedding registry.  Of course, that was not without a $300 stop at Best Buy – hey, atleast the groom is happy!!  So after standing around for a good 20 minutes waiting for a man in a blue shirt to help us, we finally were on our way to our intended location.

So let me set the scene for you – have you seen the Progressive commercial?  You know the one…with wonderful Flo who helps out our friend Barry Kripke (John Ross Bowie).  Do you remember what he says when Flo hands him the scanner?!  I believe it’s something along the lines of, “Oooh, I feel so powerful!”  That. Was. Us.  Having that little scanner in hand – we could rule the world!!

Anyway, we knew we weren’t going to register for many of the typical things at JCPenney.  I’m weird and really just like specific brands (okay, what am I thinking?!  I’m not the only girl like that, right?) and those brands aren’t carried at JCPenney.  So we registered for more decor items than the typical registry items such kitchen stuff and dinnerware.  Anyway – I know we way over registered, but I absolutely love some of the things we suggested!

So like I said – one down, one to go…and tomorrow, we’ll be all finished!!! 🙂  Stay posted!