…well, kind of!  Two days ago, after already having my dress for almost EIGHT weeks, I decided to call Sophia’s regarding the whereabouts of my missing veil.  Well, unbeknownst to me, my veil had been at the bridal shop all along!!  No call, no letter, nada!  I’m not sure when they were planning to tell me!!  Either way – I quickly (and legally!) u-turned my car and headed straight for Sophia’s…and there she was!!

As soon as I got home, I put my hair up how I think I’m going to wear it (I say think because who knows at this point!!  I’ve been through 52 different decisions and while I loved how it looked at Em & Eric’s wedding, I’ll have to wait and see how the pictures turned out!!) and tried on the veil.  Oh. My. Gosh.  It is absolutely stunning!!  I could not ask for anything better!  And today – well, in a few hours – I’ll be at Mom and Dad’s to complete the look.  At first, I didn’t think I wanted to try on my dress very much before the wedding – you know, so it doesn’t get dirty and all – but after thinking about it…while I think I may be 100% wedding-ready, I want to make sure the dress still fits and I’m not just fooling myself!!  Especially since Neil and I have been slacking on the workout schedule!!  I just want to make sure it still looks how I remember it…is that too much to ask?!

On a different note, today and tomorrow are big days in wedding-checklist-history!!  Neil and I are going this evening to do pre-registry shopping…just to scope out what is out there and decide what we like at which stores.  Then tomorrow afternoon/evening/who knows! we’re doing our registry!!  I was so relieved when Neil said the other day, “I’m looking forward to shopping for our registry.  I think it’ll be fun!”  If you haven’t quite noticed, he’s not been much on the wedding train lately!  He still thinks we have “forever“, which really, Dear, isn’t true!  It’s finally getting to the point where we’re RUNNING OUT OF TIME!!  There are things that have to be done by a certain time…and some of those deadlines are fast approaching!!

Speaking of Neil being on the wedding train – we may be having some changes coming your way.  Of course, they don’t exactly affect Neil, but for some things, it does mean that he may be paying more attention.  We were discussing some wedding things last night and he got really excited when I suggested changing something – but in true Amanda fashion…you won’t find out what that something is until it’s set in stone!!

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention something!!  Wedding flights are starting to get more and more solidified each day!!  I sent Dave and Ellen an itinerary the other day and yesterday Dave called to let me know that it should work and that once that’s confirmed, they’ll work on booking hotels!!  I haven’t gotten anything for mine and Neil’s plans, but I’m sure something is coming.  Cindy with Preferred Travel of Naples has been so helpful in getting our flights arranged and helping us save money!!  I’m hoping that in just a few short weeks, we can have everything finalized and begin working on details!!…like our HONEYMOON, just for example!! 🙂

264 days – 15 hours – 45 minutes – 22 seconds!! 🙂