As promised, engagement photos have arrived!!  And here, ladies and gentlemen, is your opportunity to catch the first sneak peak of Melinda capturing love.  Now, I must admit, Neil and I are not the greatest of models – and at times we had absolutely no idea what we should do with this hand, how our head should be positioned, if we should smile – or not – or if we should just gaze into each others eyes…and laugh!  It was tough…I now have more respect for models!!  I couldn’t imagine doing it for a living.  But we did it nonetheless…and this is the love Melinda captured…

I must admit…we are quite a handsome couple!! 🙂  But anyway – now that the engagement pictures have been sorted through and decided, we can move on to more important things…like announcing our engagement!! It is also with great pleasure that I announce to you the official wedding website is now up and running!  Yes, that’s right – is officially online and fully updated.  Despite having several technical difficulties, I was able work through it all and come out victorious!  I even had a little help from Mr. Barnes himself (regardless of the fact he’s currently sitting upright trying to sleep while his face drains!!)  Stay posted for information on our official announcement and hopefully we’ll hear back soon regarding our officiant for the big day!!

269 days…14 hours…25 minutes…38 seconds!!  Wow – that’s a countdown for all countdowns!! 🙂