Yes, we are NINE MONTHS away.  I Googled the phrase “NINE MONTHS” and this is what I found…

  • “Nine Months” is a 1995 romantic comedy with Hugh Grant, Julianne Moore, and Tom Arnold about a commitment-phobe man and his pregnant girlfriend.
  • About Nine Months is a chic, off-designer woman’s maternity wear company.

So, I’m seeing a bit of a trend, which I assumed I would considering where we are, but most importantly…

  • Nine Months is 273.931649 days!!!  Okay…I know that sounds like eons, but think about this: when Neil and I got engaged – which doesn’t feel like it was all that long ago – Emily and Eric had nine months left before their wedding.  Well, now they’re old married hags!!  When you put it in perspective, it seems so unreal!!!

Well, we’ll stop with all the formalities…onto the checklist!!!

  • Contact newspapers to announce your engagement (you may need to have an engagement photo taken as well).
    • Yes, yes, I am aware this is nearly two months late!  But…you’ll be glad to know that I have spoken with Melinda and she should have our photographs today or tomorrow!!  After that time, I will submit our engagement announcement and we will finally be able to check this one off!!!
  • Decide on and meet with your officiant to discuss ceremony structure and any religious requirements (such as counseling).
    • Just an update as I’ve already touched on this item once before.  Rev. Peter Douglas still has not been contacted, but Pastor Marc Hayden has!  I emailed him yesterday asking for a ceremony structure he typically uses and questions regarding counseling, etc.  I hope to hear back from him by this weekend – and by that time, Neil and I will sit down, go over what we want and don’t want and possibly what we’d like to add, then we can go ahead with contacting Rev. Peter Douglas!
  • Start looking into registering for gifts.
    • I’ve been getting on Neil about this for weeks now!!  I really want to register sooner rather than later, and we already have our stores picked out, so there’s no reason we can’t register now!!  Also, I’ve been making a list of things we’re going to need – that way we can register for them rather than buying them now!!
  • Request demo tapes from ceremony musicians.
    • CHECK!!  Fortunately…demo tapes aren’t needed!!!  Both of our ceremony musicians have their samples listed on their website – and luckily, they have some of our same prospective songs listed!!  I’ve been listening to them over and over again – and it just gives me chills every time!
  • Think about how you might want to wear you hair.
    • I thought I had made up my mind.  Simple, elegant, and flowy (is that a word?!).  Well, this past weekends wedding has got me thinking.  I wore my hair in a low, side chignon and absolutely loved it.  It, too, was simple and elegant, but maybe a bit more than I had originally planned.  I had so many compliments on it – including one from my Groom!  I’m going to keep looking at pictures, then as the time comes nearer, I will make a final decision!
  • Reserve photographer and/or videographer, decide on a package, sign contract, and send deposit.
    • CHECK and CHECK!!  The dearest Fiona MacNeill is willing to take on the responsibility of our photography and Mike with RPL Weddings will be our videographer!  We have chosen our packages, sent in deposits, and we’re ready to go.  The super cool thing about Fiona is that we’ll get an engagement session a few days prior to our wedding – that way we can get to know her style and get some really cool photos in regular attire in an amazing destination.  And with RPL Weddings – we’ll get a highlight video posted to YouTube that you all will be able to fancy yourselves with!!
  • Begin looking for a baker to make your wedding cake.
    • In Scotland, Wendy has a great baker lined up for us!  Celebration Stations makes fabulous wedding cakes and Wendy has used them several times!!  Soon, Neil and I will be looking at cake designs and send them off to Wendy.  As for our reception at home, we have a few options.  Hall’s Catering has a wedding cake division and we ordered one of their cakes for Emily’s bridal shower.  It was absolutely amazing and they have so many flavors to choose from!!  Also, while getting our hair and makeup done for Emily’s wedding this past Saturday, the salon we were at had samples from another little bake shop in Old Town Greenwood.  Their cupcakes were to die for and the icing was amazing!  Hopefully Neil and I can make an appointment to head over there and taste some of their yummy creations!!  So for now – since we’ve been looking, we’ll consider this a CHECK!
  • Choose your florist and send a deposit to reserve their services.
    • Check!!  Wendy also took this upon herself to find us a florist.  Lorna Campbell from Floristic Designs is an amazing florist who will be able to create whatever Neil and I desire!!  I’ve looked into some bouquets and floral arrangements and believe I have a pretty firm idea of what I want, but we’ll just wait and see – I really don’t want to be changing my mind fifteen times!!!
  • Brides: Start shopping for bridesmaid dresses.
    • Check!!  My sister and I have three different dresses picked out as of yet.  In October, Amy will be going to a bridal shop’s trunk show to see all the styles of the most recent season.  Hopefully after she sees that, she’ll have a better idea of what she wants to wear!  But like I’ve always said – it’s up to her to decide!
  • Make sure your maid of honor and best man are aware of what you expect of them – providing a list of their duties will help.
    • While my sister has been in about a bazillion weddings, she’s never been a Maid of Honor – or in our case, a Grande Dame of Honour.  With that said, I have no doubt that she will be the most successful Grande Dame of Honour ever!  I do have a list of duties for her – but she’s my sister, I know she won’t lag behind!!
    • I’m not sure about Troy’s wedding history, but with the groom being his brother – I have no doubt that Troy will be a successful Best Man.  He may need a little nudge here and there – but all in all, I think he’ll be just fine!  Of course, we have a list of duties for him as well.

So there you have it – we’re nine months out and we’re looking pretty successful!!  I contacted Wendy yesterday about where she wants to see us and she said she’d usually be telling her brides to be purchasing their wedding gowns right now, but we’re ahead of the game and we’re all caught up!!

P.S. Have fun on your honeymoon, Mr. & Mrs. Davis!  Enjoy all your little stops and take lots of pictures!!  We’ll miss you – don’t know what we’ll do on the weekends without you here!!  That’s two straight weekends, you know!!!

P.P.S. 272 days, 13 hours, 25 minutes, and 46 seconds!!!!!! 🙂