“With the blessing of her mother and I” was all he had to say and she knew it was real.  This was the day she was to marry her best friend.  The one person she would spend the rest of eternity with.  He held her hands and pronounced to their friends and family, “I do.”  With a tear in her eye, she repeated the same.  In all their glory, they held each other close as they kissed their first kiss.  And that was that.  They turned to face those who had gathered together, and as if it were second nature, they held hands and walked back down the aisle…and nothing was to ever be the same.  In that moment, she was Mrs. Davis, and she had a husband, and it was all because “she’s in love with the boy…”

Emily and Eric, you could not have asked for a more perfect wedding.  The 10-day forecast proved to be wrong and your wedding went on as scheduled…under a beautiful blue sky with birds chirping and the wind swiftly flowing. Emily,  I have never seen a bride more beautiful and radiant than you were.  Eric, I have never seen a man so proud to enter into wedded bliss.  You two are perfect for each other and I know you will continue to make each other the happiest people alive until the day you leave Earth to be with your Father.  Neil and I love you both and truly consider you both to be more than just our friends – you really are family.