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So, yes, it’s 12:44am and I am still up.  Please – I do not know why.  At 8:30pm, Neil and I decided to finish up our registry!  Simple stuff, right?  Think about it!  We were in-and-out of JCPenney – registry in hand – in 30 minutes flat!  Well, apparently that was record timing because tonight is an entirely different story!!

So like I was saying, at 8:30pm, Neil and I decided to finish our registry.  We went to Bed Bath & Beyond and told them we needed a power gun so we could be on our way.  Well, Bed Bath & Beyond is a bit more formalized than JCPenney and so it took a while for us to get started, but that didn’t matter because it still took us ages to navigate the whole store!!  And at 10:39pm, Neil and I were finally on our way out…not because we were finished, because we QUIT!  Flat out Q-U-I-T!  Not only were we so overwhelmed with everything – and I know we missed like 52 things – but we hadn’t eaten dinner and Taco Bell was calling our name!!

Back to registering, it really is a lot of fun – and even though we walked through the kitchen stuff about ten times, I am satisfied with our selections and am actually really excited about some of our stuff – oh wow, listen to me!  Excited about kitchen stuff!  Well, can you blame me?!  I have this fun new house to cook in!  So yes, I’m excited!!  There are still a few things I think we need to try to find and get on the registry but for now – and especially since I’ve been working on it since we got home at 11:00pm – it’s bed time and the registry can wait!!!  Besides, our Dude’s need their midnight snack! 🙂

262 days, 22 hours, 59 minutes, 20 seconds until I’m a MRS.!!!

P.S. Sorry, but how bad does it stink to be Emily & Eric right now!!  After basking in beautiful weather, wading in teal-blue seas, and sipping on fruity drinks, they’ll find themselves back to the daily grind tomorrow afternoon!!  Can you imagine leaving this?!?!

St. Maarten


Em & Eric – I hope your honeymoon was fantastic, as I’m sure it was!  But now, it’s time for the fun part…real life wedded bliss!!  Love you! 🙂


As a pull from Mr. & Mrs. Davis’ blog, yes – WE’RE FAMOUS, TOO!!!  And yes – when you receive your copy of the Daily Journal tomorrow morning…the Mr. and I will be happy to sign it!! 🙂

I absolutely couldn’t help myself…while Neil and his brother were watching the Indy Car race in Motegi, Japan, I decided to check out  Of course, I wasn’t expecting anything, but you know – just in case, I wanted to see!!  And boy, was I surprised!!!

Monday afternoon, the kind lady at the Journal left me a voicemail that our announcement would be posted, and of course, I was totally excited!!  I was telling everyone I knew to watch out for it!!  Unfortunately though, neither Neil nor I receive the newspaper, so we’ll have to grab our copy elsewhere!  😦

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that’s right!!  We’re famous…and tomorrow, we’ll be even more famous as this beautiful newspaper article hits stands everywhere!!  So finally, boys and girls, we can OFFICIALLY check this off our list!!

Engagement Announcementsource

But wait…THERE’S MORE!!  There should also be an announcement posting in the Hendricks County Flyer and The Indianapolis Star!!  Yes – we’ll be famous TIMES THREE!!!  (Take THAT Mrs. Emily!!!)  And while Emily assumed that she didn’t really need a newspaper announcement because, well duh!, everyone already knew, Neil and I don’t want to leave anything to chance.  We’re going to make sure that everyone knows – even those who couldn’t care less!!  We’re just trying to cover our bases, here!!

I’m so excited that things for our wedding are finally shaping up.  I’ve said it once before and it still hasn’t gotten better – Neil thinks we still have forever – but it’s starting to become more and more of a reality that it’s quickly approaching!  Which means I’ve begun looking into details for the wedding such as decor, etc.  I even made a trip to JoAnn today to look at some fabrics – but I’ve promised myself not to purchase anything until a few more things are set in stone…that way, there’s no turning back!  But like I said – you’ll find that stuff out later!! 😉

So we switched things up a bit!!  Oh well – we’re known for that!

Tonight, we had plans to either have a nice home cooked meal with Mama & Papa Arnold or go out to eat with the Barnes’, instead, we opted for a date night!!  Just the two of us! 🙂  After a gorgeously romantic dining experience at the Chili’s bar (we didn’t want to wait!!) we headed to JCPenney to begin our wedding registry.  Of course, that was not without a $300 stop at Best Buy – hey, atleast the groom is happy!!  So after standing around for a good 20 minutes waiting for a man in a blue shirt to help us, we finally were on our way to our intended location.

So let me set the scene for you – have you seen the Progressive commercial?  You know the one…with wonderful Flo who helps out our friend Barry Kripke (John Ross Bowie).  Do you remember what he says when Flo hands him the scanner?!  I believe it’s something along the lines of, “Oooh, I feel so powerful!”  That. Was. Us.  Having that little scanner in hand – we could rule the world!!

Anyway, we knew we weren’t going to register for many of the typical things at JCPenney.  I’m weird and really just like specific brands (okay, what am I thinking?!  I’m not the only girl like that, right?) and those brands aren’t carried at JCPenney.  So we registered for more decor items than the typical registry items such kitchen stuff and dinnerware.  Anyway – I know we way over registered, but I absolutely love some of the things we suggested!

So like I said – one down, one to go…and tomorrow, we’ll be all finished!!! 🙂  Stay posted!

…well, kind of!  Two days ago, after already having my dress for almost EIGHT weeks, I decided to call Sophia’s regarding the whereabouts of my missing veil.  Well, unbeknownst to me, my veil had been at the bridal shop all along!!  No call, no letter, nada!  I’m not sure when they were planning to tell me!!  Either way – I quickly (and legally!) u-turned my car and headed straight for Sophia’s…and there she was!!

As soon as I got home, I put my hair up how I think I’m going to wear it (I say think because who knows at this point!!  I’ve been through 52 different decisions and while I loved how it looked at Em & Eric’s wedding, I’ll have to wait and see how the pictures turned out!!) and tried on the veil.  Oh. My. Gosh.  It is absolutely stunning!!  I could not ask for anything better!  And today – well, in a few hours – I’ll be at Mom and Dad’s to complete the look.  At first, I didn’t think I wanted to try on my dress very much before the wedding – you know, so it doesn’t get dirty and all – but after thinking about it…while I think I may be 100% wedding-ready, I want to make sure the dress still fits and I’m not just fooling myself!!  Especially since Neil and I have been slacking on the workout schedule!!  I just want to make sure it still looks how I remember it…is that too much to ask?!

On a different note, today and tomorrow are big days in wedding-checklist-history!!  Neil and I are going this evening to do pre-registry shopping…just to scope out what is out there and decide what we like at which stores.  Then tomorrow afternoon/evening/who knows! we’re doing our registry!!  I was so relieved when Neil said the other day, “I’m looking forward to shopping for our registry.  I think it’ll be fun!”  If you haven’t quite noticed, he’s not been much on the wedding train lately!  He still thinks we have “forever“, which really, Dear, isn’t true!  It’s finally getting to the point where we’re RUNNING OUT OF TIME!!  There are things that have to be done by a certain time…and some of those deadlines are fast approaching!!

Speaking of Neil being on the wedding train – we may be having some changes coming your way.  Of course, they don’t exactly affect Neil, but for some things, it does mean that he may be paying more attention.  We were discussing some wedding things last night and he got really excited when I suggested changing something – but in true Amanda fashion…you won’t find out what that something is until it’s set in stone!!

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention something!!  Wedding flights are starting to get more and more solidified each day!!  I sent Dave and Ellen an itinerary the other day and yesterday Dave called to let me know that it should work and that once that’s confirmed, they’ll work on booking hotels!!  I haven’t gotten anything for mine and Neil’s plans, but I’m sure something is coming.  Cindy with Preferred Travel of Naples has been so helpful in getting our flights arranged and helping us save money!!  I’m hoping that in just a few short weeks, we can have everything finalized and begin working on details!!…like our HONEYMOON, just for example!! 🙂

264 days – 15 hours – 45 minutes – 22 seconds!! 🙂

As promised, engagement photos have arrived!!  And here, ladies and gentlemen, is your opportunity to catch the first sneak peak of Melinda capturing love.  Now, I must admit, Neil and I are not the greatest of models – and at times we had absolutely no idea what we should do with this hand, how our head should be positioned, if we should smile – or not – or if we should just gaze into each others eyes…and laugh!  It was tough…I now have more respect for models!!  I couldn’t imagine doing it for a living.  But we did it nonetheless…and this is the love Melinda captured…

I must admit…we are quite a handsome couple!! 🙂  But anyway – now that the engagement pictures have been sorted through and decided, we can move on to more important things…like announcing our engagement!! It is also with great pleasure that I announce to you the official wedding website is now up and running!  Yes, that’s right – is officially online and fully updated.  Despite having several technical difficulties, I was able work through it all and come out victorious!  I even had a little help from Mr. Barnes himself (regardless of the fact he’s currently sitting upright trying to sleep while his face drains!!)  Stay posted for information on our official announcement and hopefully we’ll hear back soon regarding our officiant for the big day!!

269 days…14 hours…25 minutes…38 seconds!!  Wow – that’s a countdown for all countdowns!! 🙂

A Scottish Blessing

A thousand welcomes to you with your marriage. May you be healthy all your days. May you be blessed with long life and peace, may you grow old with goodness, and with riches.