The past two weeks have been a whirlwind.  Last Tuesday, I started my student teaching at Irvington Community School in Mrs. Griffith’s kindergarten classroom.  I absolutely love my kids.  They are all so great and they make teaching fun!  Mrs. Griffith has allowed me to teach the reading portion of class last week, then this week I took over the duties of Calendar and Morning Meeting.  Next week and the following week, I will be instructing the math class!  I’m very excited to learn from Mrs. Griffith and become a better teachers because of her!!

On a NEW HOUSE note…we’re officially in the house!! 🙂  We started moving in last Wednesday after signing some papers with Rick and last week and this we have been slowly getting things situated.  Every day, I try to focus on one room to tackle.  So far, so good!  There are a few touch ups that Rick is working on, but hopefully next week everything will be squared away and we can focus on resting and relaxing in our new home!!  Dear Emily has been quite the trooper as well – she helped me move sod from one part of the backyard to the other – and we did it in one hour flat!!  I couldn’t believe it!!

As far as the wedding is concerned, we’re starting to get golf arrangements in order and those will be placed September 2nd.  Wendy is still working on information about a possible new venue and our engagement picture order will be placed on Monday evening.  After that, I think we’ll be all up to date and ready to head into the next month of to-do’s!!!