With ten months to go, let’s look at what needs to be accomplished this month…

  • Start interviewing caterers.
    • I’m aware this has been on here for ages…and finally, we have made a decision!  Of course, The Old Course Hotel will be catering the reception in St. Andrews, but as for in the U.S., we have hired Pipers Catering.  So finally, after two months, CHECK!
  • Contact newspapers to announce your engagement.
    • Engagement photos have been taken, the field has been narrowed down, and once I get the proof book back from Melinda, I promise, we will announce our engagement.  This is something I have looked forward to for ages, so of course, there will be an announcement!
  • Decide on a caterer.  Hash out a rough price per head and begin working on a menu.
    • Check!  Caterer is decided, and since we’re just doing a buffet, it’ll be quite simple!  The price per head is dependent on what we have as the menu, and Neil and I have already narrowed down the field.
  • Sign your catering contract and send in a deposit.
    • Finito!  Mom took care of all of this for us, of course, Pipers didn’t require much…just notification that we’d be using them!! 🙂
  • Set up appointments with various florists to discuss options.
    • In Scotland, Wendy really only suggested one florist, Floristic Designs.  Lorna Campbell, the owner, is an award winning wedding and event florist, and Wendy has pretty much made it known that she can do anything!  Of course, she wants me to wait until we’re about three months out before I start deciding on actual arrangements – she’s afraid I’ll change my mind if I choose to quickly!!  (Good thinking, Wendy!!)  But in the meantime, check!!!
  • Decide on and meet with your officiant to discuss ceremony structure and any religious requirements (such as counseling).
    • Our officiant has been decided, the Reverend Peter Douglas will be presiding over our ceremony. Rev. Peter Douglas comes from The Church of Scotland and the views of The Church are quite similar to mine and Neil’s.  Once Neil has settled down in the new house, I am hoping to get both of us together to make a phone call to the Reverend so we can go through all the details.  As far as counseling is concerned, Neil and I have already made a decision that we will meet with our home Pastor, Pastor Marc Hayden, to do pre-marital counseling.  We both feel this is an important step to discuss with our Pastor some important things that we may never have thought about.  It will also be a chance for us to discuss our relationship with each other and our relationship with God.  But for now, we’ll leave this task on the to-do list.
  • Interview and get price lists from several wedding photographers and videographers.
    • Check and DOUBLE check!!  Several months ago, Neil and I made our decisions regarding the photographer and videographer.  Seeing that we already had to change the wedding date once, we wanted to make sure the things that could be booked majorly in advance were.  For photographer, we have the wonderful Fiona MacNeill and for videography (against Neil’s wishes…sorry, Dear!!) we have RPL Weddings.  I look at their websites almost daily, and I cannot wait until our wedding is feature on their site!!!
  • Book reception band or DJ, sign the contract, and send a deposit.
    • Fortunately for us, this one was easy!!  In Scotland, we were originally not going to have any dancing at all – just dinner and relaxing.  But the more we though about it, the more we decided we kind of wanted to have some dancing and fun.  Fortunately for us, it was a quick and easy decision – DJ Paul B!!  No, no, no, not the great DJ at the Pacers games, but my own and wonderful brother, Paul.  Neil and I have started putting together a playlist and Paul will add the songs to his iPod.  He’ll then be the one responsible to get the party going in Scotland!!!
  • Brides: narrow down your gown choices and make a final decision.
    • CHECK!!! As you well know, a few weeks ago, my mom and I headed to Sophia’s to pick up my wedding dress!!!  I can’t believe it’s already here!!  I absolutely love it and cannot wait until the veil gets here so I can complete the look!!!  Big smiles!!!  🙂
  • If you plan to use frequent flier miles to travel to your honeymoon destination, book your flight now.
    • Honeymoon destination?!  How about wedding destination!! My wonderful father has already started looking into booking the flights and once he has a more concrete answer on dates of arrivals/departures, as well as arrival and departure cities, we’ll have tickets in our hand!!  So excited!

So with 304 days to go, we have 31 checklist items completed…and only 184 to go!!!  I feel like we have already done so much, but I know this is still just the beginning!!

On another exciting note…Neil and I are closing on the house this week!!!  Can you believe it?!  Next week, at this time, he will be living in our new home – and I’ll be spending about 90% of the time there!!!!  Absolutely, positively the most exciting week until the week of June 6, 2010!!!